Not dead yet!

Just wanted to let you all know I haven’t succumbed to the stress yet. I’m still keeping my eating in check (although just realized that I totally forgot to list the one tater tot I had last night on my food diary).

I have been doing at least some kind of activity every day – I’m trying to be reasonable about time constraints but still move a little.  This morning I did my first Abs for Life circuit (upper apps, chest & biceps, followed by 10 minutes of cardio). I am doing the beginner program this week, but will likely be stepping it up to the advanced program next week, as it didn’t seem like enough of a workout for me.

I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel – tomorrow marks the end of a HUGE project that I was working for the last month (of course, immediately after I have several (like 8) smaller projects that all need to be done by Feb 20 – hence the full-time through that date), but it’s such a relief to have this first one almost out of the way; great confidence booster, too – as it’s not only the first one for the season (cryptic much?) but my first GIANT project since starting here. And, since I have two more GIANTS in May, it’s nice to know that I can, indeed, do this!

last night I met up with some bloggie runner pals and and out-of-town visitor! There was beer (two for me) and picturs (I’ll post mine this weekend). Much fun was had. 

And now, back to the salt mines! Or something. It’s actually not as bad as salt mines – I mean, I’m not underground and I have a lovely view of the Willamette from my office. Um, so time to get my nose back to the grindstone or something like that.

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