Long Run Success
Long Run Success

Long Run Success

This was my 3rd day in a row running, and I think I may never do that again. Two days in a row was fine, but this third day was a little much.

However, I did hit my goal of 8 miles today – which was awesome. And despite many walk breaks, I still averaged an 11:47 mile over all 8 miles.


Mile 1: 10:33 (doing the warm-up mile with Mr. Pi, the Ambitious One’s hubby)
Mile 2: 11:05 (after he left us in the dust, and we slowed a bit)
Mile 3: 12:14 (we took a walk break here)
Mile 4: 12:24 (and here, obviously)
Mile 5: 11:25 (on the way back now – sans the Ambitious One, now accompanied by Junk Miles)
Mile 6: 11:29 (another walk break here)
Mile 7: 11:59 (and here’s where we ran into Emily – and got to see her exciting news!)
Mile 8: 13:09 (there was a LOT of walking here, but dammit! I made it)

It’s a good thing that I was meeting up with people to run – I don’t think I would’ve made my goal 8 miles without them (and certainly wouldn’t have been able to keep any kind of pace on the way back if it hadn’t been for Ms. Junk Miles).

I feel so lucky to have found a great group of runners to, well, run with! And also have drinks with, of course – I can’t wait for next Sunday’s post-run brunch.

And now, I am home. I stopped at the grocery store for the first of my bi-monthly $100 shopping trips, and I’ll recap that tomorrow – I’ve had a few questions about how that’s going. I ate a banana with some peanut butter, but I think I need a bit more in my stomach right now.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Alisa

    Great work!!!!!!! I am soooo haappy I have you guys too!

    Rest up those legs and ankles.

    I got a second around mile 7ish and hit two miles at 10:40…then slowed wayyy down =). Oh well, like you, I finished damnit! (Well, one mile short, I went 11 of 12 decided saving the knee and my lungs from hacking was more important than running another mile).

    I can’t wait to have a running buddy next weekend for the whole distance!!!!!!!!! Even if there is some walking it’s going to rock!!

    1. I feel pretty good today, so I think I’ll be good to run again tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to our run next Sunday!

      I’m glad you made your 11 miles, sorry about the phlegm, though – hope you feel better soon.

  2. I love having running friends to count on and motivate me to get out there. I find it so much easier to know that there are people expecting me to be out running with them to actually get up and out!!! So that is a great thing for us both!!!

    Do you have any idea what thigh pain could be??? ON BOTH LEGS!!!! WTF? It hurts is all i know!

    I did get in a 5 miler yesterday and today but slow and painful…guess i need to listen to the body huh???

  3. Great job chica! It’s a great thing to have good company to cruise along with!

    I pulled a 7 but only counted the 6.3 that I ran. Ugh I’m a glutton for punishment. But at least I could claim the 10:38 average if I omitted the walky action LOL.

    I cheat. But I was only really scheduled for 6er anyways so I’m claiming “overachiever” here.

    1. When I run by myself, I almost always run the entire distance & don’t take walk breaks – I’m a bit of an overachiever that way, too. BUT yesterday I was so sore from my 3rd run in a row that I decided that getting the mileage, walk breaks or not, was more important that pushing through & re-injuring.

      Way to go on your run!

  4. Great job on the long run! 8 miles in a time you can live with is a real milestone. I thought 12 miles and 15 miles were also milestones for me. nice round numbers, i guess. Glad you could meet up with everybody, i know that was fun.

  5. Quickly checking in with you and have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR NEW ‘DO!

    Crazy hot.

    I’m sure a certain architect loves it too.

    That is all.

    Congrats on the running too, you’re rocking it! Can’t wait to join you one of these days when we’re in the same zip code.

    1. It’s a lot of fun having a group. Alisa & I are about the same pace, & Sarah is a bit faster, so running with her is definitely the speed push I need (and she claims running with us is the distance push she needs), so I guess it’s working out.

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