Busy busy busy
Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

Even though I am not at the job that gives me a bi-weekly check, I am busy this morning. I researched & wrote my Wednesday shoe porn post (that is SUCH hard work). I wrote tomorrow’s product review/contest post – I need one more product test tomorrow morning before hitting ‘publish’ on that one. I am writing THIS post! I tell you, the work never ends.

I love my Monday project days. Today is when I don’t do ANY housework. I work on blog stuff. I work on other writing stuff. I hit the library. I Bikram. I finally remember to pick up my damn boots already!

This week, I didn’t lose any weight – which is a little sad, although not if you think about the eleventy-million beers I had last night (to wash down the eleventy-million cups of coffee I had at brunch).

I still have a headache (which I believe to be completely unrelated to either the beer or the coffee). I am a bit concerned about the inversions at Bikram – I hope my head doesn’t fall off & roll away like it did when I was doing yoga at home on Saturday – that could be awkward!

I also wanted to share some of the wonderful things that have come my way over the last few weeks. I’ve had an incredibly lucky couple of months – between winning some cool stuff & getting a totally unexpected but awesomely cool gift & finishing some awesome home improvement projects. So, after a 3 month hiatus, here is the return of the Monday photo essay.

I have won so many things in the last few weeks – it’s been super awesome.

From Mizfit – I got 5 coupons for free Blue Bunny ice cream!
From ABDPBT – I got the awesome $100 gift card (and totally spent it on Target stuff & a night out with a friend – woot!)
From Back in Skinny Jeans – I won the Sephora/OPI nail polish – the color? Skinny Jeans, of course!
From Leslie at Never Say Diet – I won the edible arrangements – see what was inside!

Saturday, I got the most awesome package in the mail! My awesomest friend Margaret (she of the rum, and the scrabble, and the Prada shoes (which were the very first shoe porn shoes) sent me this beautiful hand-woven rug. From Pakistan, I’m guessing, since that’s where she lives now.

Isn’t that gorgeous? It totally puts our machine woven rug to shame! So beautiful. Isn’t Margaret the best? Shouldn’t she move to Portland?

Other things that got done – my beautimous new shelves that will soon be host to a variety of green & growing things:

And, finally, the rainbarrels are DONE, bitches! Done & full. I think I might need 50 rainbarrels to effectively harvest Portland’s rain. That is two 55-gallon drums completely full since Tuesday. Anyone need rain water? It’s great for houseplants (I think now I need a watering can!).

I am trying really hard to stay positive. Between the still-present headache, the work stress & the still-absent sun, it’s turning out to be a hard month. I know that on February 24, the sun will rise before 7 AM for the first time (incidentally, that’s my birthday), and that it’s all uphill from here, but January SUCKS, people. This year seems much harder than last year – which I am completely attributing to the fact that I’m not outside running during my lunch hour 3 times a week. I really can’t make that work at my new job – the one thing that I really miss about the last job. BUT – as soon as it’s light until 6ish or so, I’m hitting the trails near my current work at least twice a week AFTER work. And I can’t wait!


  1. Alisa

    Wow…you HAVE won a bunch of cool stuff!

    I’m sorry about the headache…I’m still weezing over here too. I know it’s not 4pm yet so don’t shoot me but I think this sicky-poo bod needs an early day (plus I have to run some work errands…they give me parking so I guess I can’t complain about having to go the County building).

    I always wondered how you blogged everyday, you write them up before =). Smart!

    What time are we meeting tomorrow? Running for you and xtraining for me. Wednesday, swimming?

    1. I will stay home & elliptical – I can’t use too many Bikram days w/o you!

      The weeks that I do blog everyday usually involves Monday prep for me – especially the shoe porn stuff. Last week? I didn’t do any Monday prep, and there was definitely a dearth of posting.

      As for tomorrow & Wednesday – 6:30 again? I’m in for the swim. Should probably do some grooming tonight 🙂

  2. Holy productive! For having a never-ending headache, you sure have accomplished a lot! I’m proud of you for just the rain barrels alone. I know how long projects of that sort can linger. And hover. And annoy. I have a few of those in process right now. Or twelve.

    Lunchtime runs are basically my only solstice at times, especially with my crazy study and grocery shopping at 10PM schedule of late.

    I hope that Bikram goes well tonight, it would be a damn shame if your head really did topple off in the middle.

    1. Much of the household productivity (shelves, rainbarrels, etc.) are from the architect. My productivity is limited to sitting on my ass & typing 🙂 Oh – and taking mediocre photos!

      I think I’m going to skip Bikram in favor of a more upright exercise & do the elliptical instead. Sounds safer.

  3. We need to talk about the rain barrels – what do you do with them, how did yo make them, etc, etc.

    I also am on the lookout for a garden plot near my apt that I can use this spring/summer. Thinking about plants and starting seeds is maybe the only thing that keeps me going through the gray days.

  4. Hey gazelle runner, so i ran for about 40 min today. Just the slightest of twinges in my left thigh. I am thinking i may be free and clear but i also ran on the beach. So, the run was harder. Tomorrow i am going to map out another route for myself. The boardwalk is too icy still to run on it safely!!! Have you ever used Mapmyrun??? I’ve heard good things about it!!!

    And lady thank you for your kind words. It’s much appreciated!!!

  5. So, non-rain-bucket related.

    Since you’re allergic to newsprint, does that mean that you can’t use the coupons that come with the newspaper due to the coupons commingling with the newsprint?

  6. wow – that rug is beautiful! clearly, i need to have a friend that lives in Pakistan…i can think of a few people that i’d like to send that far away but then i don’t think they’d like me anymore, which would mean no rugs for Auntie!

    i was also wondering about the rain barrels…like, what do you use them for? i mean, i’m sure that whatever you do with them is good for the environment one way or the other, and obviously it has to do with um, water so i’m guessing there’s some sort of purity factor maybe?? clearly, i have no idea! shed some light for me, gazelle!

  7. margaret

    hey!! glad you got the rug. the rug is from Kashmir and is traditional Kashmiri design. (although i am still in afghanistan… guess we haven’t talked in a while . . . )

    you must be visualizing things coming your way or something . . . i was at a shop and i just thought, “wow, i should buy that for amy.” seriously!

    hope the sun comes out for you soon.


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