A Day of Some Significance

I know that not everyone in the country is thrilled about today. I have heard people say (snarkily) that this is a coronation, not an inauguration. Which is silly, I think – just because some people are excited about the new president doesn’t make us want a king (any more than George W. supporters really wanted him to be king, I’m assuming)! I am only really excited about royalty from other countries.

I am excited about today, though. I honestly thought the last 8 years took the country in a completely wrong direction – between the unwarranted wiretapping & the “interrogation techniques” – things really got scary bad. I don’t know how much of the current economy I can blame on the last president, but I do feel that the wars that we’re in right now might have something to do with the administration of Ex-President Bush.

I don’t think he’s evil, but I think he is petty & that he surrounded himself with a lot of people with questionable moral character.

I think that President Obama will have a hard time living up to the almost unrealistic expectations that many people have – but I think that the one thing he gave a lot of people was the hope that he talked about so much on the campaign trail.

Even if President Obama is never anything more than a mediocre leader, I think that his influence will go further – he’s made a lot of people excited & he got a lot of people to vote FOR someone, rather than against someone else. He is a charismatic man who can speak in complete articulate sentences, and maybe this makes me a bit of an elitist (I also like arugula and won’t drink macrobrews), but I like that he seems smart. I think it will take a smart man to get this country back on the right track.

And I, for one, am excited to see what happens over the next few years.

Congratulations, President Obama! I hope to toast your presidency tonight, if I ever get home from work.

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