Woo! Snow Day!

Except with 80% less woo. Seriously. This is insane!

The architect and I walked to the grocery store today, because we are hardy! And out of coffee! The store is not so far away (about a mile round trip).

We bought many groceries, put them all in backpacks, and carried them all home. It was heavy, and it’s hard to walk in slippery snow.

Just in case you cannot truly appreciate how much snow we’ve gotten (perhaps a record), I have photos:

In case you can’t tell, that’s about a foot of snow covering my herb garden.  (The architect removed it all with a garden spade, by the way – who has a snow shovel in Portland?)

And here’s the backyard – wheelbarrow full to overflowing, car cold & covered….craziness everywhere!

And because the snow is not only annoying, but also kinda pretty, here’s a photo the architect took yesterday on his 4 hour cross-country ski adventure through the streets of North Portland:

So pretty, don’t you think?

This week, I’m only supposed to work Tuesday & Friday – and I REALLY want to go to work tomorrow. I have things! That need to be done! This week!

BUT, last time I checked, the buses weren’t running in North Portland, and not only that, the bus that takes me up the hill to my work is also not going up the hill. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. The city ran out of de-icer, so things are a little crazy here. The airport is closed, and although my parents aren’t scheduled to leave until Wednesday, there is some concern that they may not get to go then (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

Today, once again, I was unable to run outside – probably not tomorrow, either. This is a little crazy-making, and since my gym is not walking distance, I can’t even go get on a treadmill. I may break down tomorrow (if I’m stuck at home again) and walk to the nearest gym (1.5 blocks away) and beg them to take my money & let me run on one of their treadmills. I did a 90-minute yoga DVD today, and my walk. Yesterday I shoveled (and then it sleeted & snowed & basically erased all evidence of my hard work), and Saturday I ellipticalled, but I need to RUN! I wish I had some of those nifty Yaktrax that I’ve seen the cool kids sporting lately.

No pictures of me all dressed up pretty – we didn’t make it to the holiday party. I understand it was fairly well attended, but I bet most of the attendees were close-in, and not may from outlying areas made it in – it was nasty.

The Ambitious One suggested that we do a winter cocktail party with wine & hors d’oeuvres & fancy dresses – so now we just need to con someone into hosting (I’m perfectly willing to have people over, but not sure that many people WANT to come to North Portland).

I hope everyone’s getting in some good runs & not succumbing to cabin fever yet! (Send wine!)

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