Vacation Days!

I am only working for 2 of the next 11 days – and that is pretty awesome. The architect & I braved the ARCTIC BLAST this morning for a run. We went about 3.75 miles total, with some walking. It was a bit on the chilly side (for Portland) but was a nice run.

Now, I’m on hold with  my Flex Spending Account trying to explain to them that if I paid the ‘amount patient owes’ that I am entitled to receive the money that I paid into the system back now. Asshats. Also, their hold music is ridiculously loud. And bad. I think it’s a ploy to make me hang up, but dammit! I want my $325! (They are punishing me, because I asked to speak to someone beside the man who took 5 tries to verify my birth date, and then 5 minutes to read my claim statement.) The 2nd person I’m talking to is fixing everything right away! YAY!

Although I am on hold again. And I know you’re excited, reading my minute-by-minute account of my phone call. HA!

Anyways – yesterday was the first time I hadn’t posted in a LONG time – work was crazy busy. I had a lot to get done, since I won’t be in for 9 of the next 11 days. AND we had our little holiday gift exchange & food party. I usually hate those white elephant things, where you get a present, and then someone else can steal it. BUT, my faith is restored because I got wine! WOO!

Then, I got home (many hours after leaving work) and went for a walk and then out for dinner with the architect.

The dress that I ordered for tomorrow’s party arrived, and it was not good. SO – later, I am headed downtown to go dress shopping AGAIN and then to meet some friends out for drinks.

Tonight, I pick up my parents. I need to go finish some picking up/cleaning & take a shower…but I’d rather just have a lazy day. The next days are going to be stressful.  I just need to remember that getting in my workouts is non-negotiable. It’s supposed to get cold & windy again for the weekend, but I’d really like to get a long run in again on Sunday – at least five miles, preferably more.

Safe travels to everyone who’s traveling!

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