Vacation Days!
Vacation Days!

Vacation Days!

I am only working for 2 of the next 11 days – and that is pretty awesome. The architect & I braved the ARCTIC BLAST this morning for a run. We went about 3.75 miles total, with some walking. It was a bit on the chilly side (for Portland) but was a nice run.

Now, I’m on hold with  my Flex Spending Account trying to explain to them that if I paid the ‘amount patient owes’ that I am entitled to receive the money that I paid into the system back now. Asshats. Also, their hold music is ridiculously loud. And bad. I think it’s a ploy to make me hang up, but dammit! I want my $325! (They are punishing me, because I asked to speak to someone beside the man who took 5 tries to verify my birth date, and then 5 minutes to read my claim statement.) The 2nd person I’m talking to is fixing everything right away! YAY!

Although I am on hold again. And I know you’re excited, reading my minute-by-minute account of my phone call. HA!

Anyways – yesterday was the first time I hadn’t posted in a LONG time – work was crazy busy. I had a lot to get done, since I won’t be in for 9 of the next 11 days. AND we had our little holiday gift exchange & food party. I usually hate those white elephant things, where you get a present, and then someone else can steal it. BUT, my faith is restored because I got wine! WOO!

Then, I got home (many hours after leaving work) and went for a walk and then out for dinner with the architect.

The dress that I ordered for tomorrow’s party arrived, and it was not good. SO – later, I am headed downtown to go dress shopping AGAIN and then to meet some friends out for drinks.

Tonight, I pick up my parents. I need to go finish some picking up/cleaning & take a shower…but I’d rather just have a lazy day. The next days are going to be stressful.  I just need to remember that getting in my workouts is non-negotiable. It’s supposed to get cold & windy again for the weekend, but I’d really like to get a long run in again on Sunday – at least five miles, preferably more.

Safe travels to everyone who’s traveling!

ETA: Please head over & comment on MizFit’s comment drive – for every comment, she is donating 10 cents to a local domestic violence shelter.


  1. Alisa

    Sorry about the dress…that’s yucky!

    I am loving my holiday basket…yay for me being a winner!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, non-negotiable…I will be texting you to keep us both motivated =).

  2. Good luck the next couple of days with the workout. You’re right, it *is* none negotiable. That’s motivating me to go out today to the gym! And sorry to hear about the dress. Boo. Hope you find something today!

  3. Emily

    Must keep up with the workouts, especially during family/holiday time. We’re all holding each other accountable to it. I will steal your fondue fork next time if you do not – is that motivation enough? Just think of how great you feel after your runs/workouts and let that guide you.

    That, and the fondue fork.

  4. hells yea fight the man for your $325! take it to the streets!

    we’re running 13 miles today and headed to atlanta. kelley’s new dress is stunning, and i can’t wait to show her off. are you going to put up a pic from the architect’s holiday party?

    and i’m glad you finally got him out there for a run. go architect!

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