Running Behind

This morning, I was to meet the Ambitious One at the gym at 6:30 for our Thursday am xtraining workout. At 6:30, the architect woke me up and said, “aren’t you supposed to be somewhere?”

So, I texted A, then went back to bed, kicking myself (figuratively) about missing my workout. And then, I got up again, because even though I wasn’t going to be working out WITH A, I could still go to the gym. Duh.

So I got up. And couldn’t find my warmup pants (which I wear over my workout clothes on cold mornings). And then I couldn’t find my jacket. And then, I had to scrape my windows. And I’d forgotten somethign inside. 

I got to the gym at about 7:10, just as A was getting ready to leave. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical (a cross-train workout that has one alternating between forward and backward strides) and then a lower-body weights workout – hamstrings, quads, leg press, and hip ad- and abductors. All in all, I got about 50 minutes in, and still got to work before 9. (Although I got lost on my way to work, and ended up in a weird place & had to pay eleventy-million dollars for parking.)

And now, it’s 20 to 10 and I have a meeting at 10 that I thought was at 2, and my whole day is messed up! (And, I didn’t work out last night, because the architect picked me up from the MAX station & we went out for beers. And I am weak. And I really need to work out in the MORNINGS! DUH!)

So, tomorrow I will meet A at the gym at 6:30. For reals. I really need to get that 3-mile run in to give me a bit more confidence for my 6 mile run on Sunday.

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