Adulthood – Am I There?
Adulthood – Am I There?

Adulthood – Am I There?

There are many things that have made me feel like a grownup. I have a husband. And a mortgage. And a job.

But one thing that always makes me feel even a little more grown-up? White Egyptian cotton towels. I love my towels.

Do you know how to ruin that feeling of maturity?

Cut yourself shaving. Not once, but twice. Different legs, same shaving session.

And then not really notice.

And then?

Dry your legs.

Now my pretty white towel has bloodstains all over it. Seriously – looks like someone may have hemmorhaged. Who knew the Achilles area could bleed so much?

Fortunately, Jesus is fixing it for me.


  1. Ooh boo!! I can rival that … but probably not beat it. One night BF was eating pizza pops in bed, our bed with lovely, soft, cream coloured 600 count sheets – and fell asleep. I was already sleeping so I was unable to stop the disaster.

    The pizza pops were on a plate on his chest when he fell asleep, and he proceeded to roll them off his chest and then roll IN them in his sleep .. all over the sheets!

  2. ROFL about the band-aids!!!!!!!!!!! Out of control laughter!!!

    Your towels are likely not ruined. Try lifting blood off with peroxide. Put band-aids around stained areas and soak just stain in cups o’ peroxide for five or ten minutes then WASH immediately in regular laundry adding a scoop of oxy-clean (only wash bloody towels…nothing with them that could absorb blood). This may leave your towels in need of an extra rinse, but should return them to whiteness. Hope that helps 🙂

    and btw, thank you so much for the link on my site. You are Cool!

    1. Ha – too bad I just hung the towel up to dry & then went to bed. 🙂 I will see if I can’t get the stains out when I get home tonight. (Obviously NOT an adult if I don’t even try to remove my blood stains.)

      I hope the link helped.

  3. Alisa

    Good thing Jesus will save you!

    Sorry about the towels. Can you bleach? They always seem to be able to get blood stains out in the movies…even when they’ve murdered someone in the bathroom and blood (or ketchup) is EVERYWHERE!

    1. I’m just hoping that at some point while home, I remember that I have blood-stained towels so that I can do something with them. Something besides switching my towel with the architect’s and hoping he doesn’t notice.

  4. UGH!!! Sorry about your towel but if its any consolation it probably would have happened the exact same way with me!!! Thats why i hate shaving my legs!!!


    Have a good one!!!

    1. Not nearly as often, but when I’m embarrassed to see my own legs, then I know it’s time. And poor architect, now that we’re married, I certainly don’t take him into consideration in my leg-shaving schedule. Not nearly as much as I take my physical therapist into consideration – but she’s the one that massages out my shin splints…I think she deserves hairless legs.

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