Now I Am Dead

So – It has been a very eventful 10 days. 

10/11-10/13: Vegas (drank lots of beer)

10/14: In-laws arrived

10/14-10/17: Big work project

10/16-10/20: drank lots of beer & ate lots of dessert with in-laws

10/18: rain barrel class; Mt. Hood Railroad adventure

10/19: 5K

10/20: PT (cleared to run hills! yay!), Powell’s

10/21: In-laws leave, at work by 7:30 AM 

The bad: I am in need of a serious detox from all the beer & sweets & other crap I’ve consumed in the last 10 days. I am not a big sugar fiend, and yet I’m having terrible sugar cravings. I’m bloated & gross. My eating schedule is so out of whack that I keep having these weirdly uncomfortable dizzy spells at odd times. I’ve gained eleventy-billion pounds (see you Monday, HTC) and I feel uncomfortable in my fat pants. Also – I would like to sleep for a month. I think that my cardio workout today might consist of my 30-minute round trip walk to & from my vehicle. I was going to hit the gym & run, but I think I might throw up/pass out if I don’t go straight home after work.

The good: I love my in-laws. I love that we went out to a whole bunch of different breweries to try all the beers. The Mt. Hood railroad was fantastic – and we couldn’t have had better weather (pictures later – it was gorgeous). They came & froze their asses off at my 5K and were waiting for me with coffee when I finished. My MIL & I discussed cook books & gardening & knitting patterns. It was a fantastic time – I just wish that I got to see them more often! 

BUT – I think I need to curl up for a week with nothing but whole grains, fruits & veggies for a week!  I’m actually craving greens right now. And bananas. And tomatoes.

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