In Which I Answer Your Questions

Q: Is a gazelle a good way to lose weight?

A: There are all sorts of things you can do with a gazelle to lose weight. Since this is a family-friendly blog (i.e. I’m trying to remember that my family reads this, and since they’re coming to visit in a couple of months, it probably wouldn’t hurt to remain on friendly terms), I won’t list all the things you can do with a gazelle to lose weight. BUT a few do come to mind:

  1. You could run with a gazelle – gazelles sure do like to run, even if they’re not terribly fast
  2. You could play tennis with a gazelle. Gazelles aren’t particularly good at tennis, but they have enough enthusiasm to make up for their lack of skill (or at least that’s what they tell themselves).
  3. You could make cheese, or bread, or tamales with a gazelle.
  4. You could garden with a gazelle, or perhaps preserve your produce with a gazelle (especially if you have a pressure cooker).
So – if you’re looking to lose weight with a gazelle, and you live in the Portland area, let me know. Gazelles have a lot of experience with weight loss and many exciting sweaty-making activities on the horizon!
*Questions are edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, and occasionally humor.
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