12×12 Update

I am participating in HTC’s 12×12 challenge – to lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. Yesterday was the beginning of week 3 for me.

In week 1, I kicked ass & lost 2 lbs – which I knew was good, since I was going to Vegas in week 2. The results are in – I gained 1.4 in week 2. 

I’m hoping that even though my in-laws are here for all of week 3, I can stay on track & lose another 1-2 lbs. 

I did well last week – getting workouts in 7 days in a row. I faltered on Monday due to travel & exhaustion (and, to be honest, Taco Bell). And then last night, I got home at 5:55 PM. Not enough time to work out before the debate. And yes, I probably could’ve worked out DURING the debate – but I needed all my energy to drink wine.

(Aside: I texted The Ambitious One last night to ask if she’d seen the debate & to let her know I was drunk [drunk-texting is the best!]. She asked if I’d been playing a debate drinking game. I had to tell her that no, I just drank every time I got angry. That was all it took.)

So – after getting in a workout on Tuesday, I broke my streak again! 

BUT – I hereby pledge to work out every day between today (check!) and November 4 (on which day I make no guarantees – although an early morning workout would not be out of the question).

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