Weekend Sabotage (and my plans for making up with my scale)

One thing I didn’t write about yesterday was my crappy-ass eating over the weekend. The architect and I worked hard, but I’m not sure that justified the amount of food I ate. The scale punished me this morning, showing me number dangerously close to my “oh hell no” threshold.

Back on track today, though. I will by lying on a beach somewhere for my birthday, and although I plan on consuming my body weight in margaritas and guacamole DURING my trip, I want to wear my bikini ON my trip.

That means I have five months to drop 15 -20 pounds (I know last week, I said 10-15, but seriously – the scale was not kind this morning).

Five months. That is 3-4 pounds each month. That is more than doable.

This morning, I dug out my old WW food journals from last summer – when I lost 25 pounds in 5 months. I ate a lot of processed crap (frozen lunches, 2-pt bars, etc.), went over my points almost every day, and still lost weight.

I’m not sure I can do it that way again this time. I’ve been concentrating more on eating food – good food, even – lately, that processed food doesn’t even taste good to me. The thought of buying a Lean Cuisine makes me gag a little, actually. (Hmmm…maybe that’s a good plan. Buy a lot of frozen lunches, look at them, gag, put them away and skip lunch. The downside is I might start lunching on the Mini 3 Musketeers outside my office. The plan may need refining.)

I am participating in Glam’s Muffin Melt-off, which gives me about 6 weeks to lose the first 6 pounds to get back to skinny jean weight (just in time for my 2nd anniversary). And then just under four months to lose the remaining 10-or-so (a little less than a pound a week). The only problem with that? The upcoming cookie and stuffing holiday season.

The good news? I have two 5Ks on the books – one in October & one in November (right Kris?) – that should keep me running. Also, I am seriously considering running a marathon the end of May – and with the level of fitness that I’ve lost in the past few months, I’m thinking I may have to start my training a bit earlier than I would need to if I HADN’T lost almost 3 months of running – this program recommends 27 weeks, starting with just little runs; the 18 week program that I’ll likely use starts the last week of January – just when I’ll be seeing the light at the end of the stress tunnel.

So – my plan (because I love a good plan)

September (what remains):

  1. continue to run 3x/week, with input from PT, gradually increasing run time
  2. yoga 1x/week (A – wanna hit yoga this week? Maybe Friday evening again?)
  3. crazy weights 1x/week (I’m there on Thursday – any takers?)


  1. Continue to run 3x/week – at this point I should be RUNNING, not run/walking
  2. Return to fantastic work-out classes
  3. Yoga 1x/week
  4. Crazy weights 1x/week
  5. I’ll be done with PT, so I can’t rely on that for my other weight training day, so gym 1x/week for my personalized quad strengthening program
  6. Run 5K on 10/19


Items 1-6 above, 5K on November 16 (I think); Long runs should be creeping up to 6 miles again


  • Repeat as before, long runs 6-8 miles
  • COOKIES ARE NOT MY FRIEND!  Not even sugar cookies in festive shapes! 
  • (Seriously – step away from the cookies.)


  • Don’t have a nervous breakdown.
  • Go to yoga as often as possible.
  • Go to crazy weights as often as possible.
  • Don’t stress about missing a weekday workout.
  • Go for a run already.
  • Cookies are still not your friend.


  • Run, run, run!
  • Yoga.
  • Weights.
  • More weights.
  • Try on bikini.
  • Go on vacation. Eat, drink & be merry.

Any suggestions? Criticisms? Advice for keeping the cookies at bay?

9 responses to “Weekend Sabotage (and my plans for making up with my scale)

  1. I wish I had suggestions! I need to lose 15-20 myself. I’m going to start Nutrisystem later this week . . . it helps me to not have to measure and weigh and count, etc. With the sugar stuff, I have tons of problems. One thing I have found, though, is that I do better if I just stay away from it totally–the first cookie always ends up being a billion, because it sets those cravings off, if that makes sense.

    Good luck!

    • My powers of resistance fade when the cookies start showing up in the break room, and in my office, and in my oven (how did those get there?)

      Let me know how the nutri-system thing goes. I’m always tempted/intrigued…but can never quite decide if it would really be worth it.

  2. Amy, firstly i am so sorry i’ve been remiss in stopping by your blog! Not because i don’t want to, i do…i just get forgetful!!! :O)

    I love your plan, like A LOT! Well maybe except for January because unfortunately i have a friend i call cookie!!

    WOOHOO on the running!! I overdo it with my running. You know, not taking days off and stuff. BAD!! But, running makes me feel good.

    So, Feb!! Where ya going or is it a secret?? And can i join you and your hubby?? Hmm, well is spirit anyway!!!

    Great post! Good luck with those 5K races!!


    • cookies always WANT to be my friend, but they aren’t real friends. And I think they talk about me behind my back. Little bastards.

      I’m not 100% sure where we’re going – just that there will be beaches, and drinks. And hopefully a metric ton of guacamole. 🙂

      My PT has been giving strict instructions on DAYS OFF. I’m not sure I understand the concept yet – but she keeps trying.

  3. Cookies are just jealous of all the other food you eat. Holidays are a time to devote solely to cookies – no protien, no veggies, no friut – cookies. Then you’ll be fine 🙂 Just kidding!

  4. Love the way you’ve mapped it all out!

    And if I knew how to keep cookies (and cupcakes) at bay, I’d probably be a lot less crabby.

    • so far, the only way I’ve found to make them go away is by eating them. That’s not the ideal method, I don’t think.

      Damn insidious little treats.

  5. Looks like a great plan my dear. Just be easy on yourself. One little slip doesn’t mean that we have to throw it all away. Sometimes a little treat (like a martini) will help keep big binges away. Sometimes.