Weekend Sabotage (and my plans for making up with my scale)

One thing I didn’t write about yesterday was my crappy-ass eating over the weekend. The architect and I worked hard, but I’m not sure that justified the amount of food I ate. The scale punished me this morning, showing me number dangerously close to my “oh hell no” threshold.

Back on track today, though. I will by lying on a beach somewhere for my birthday, and although I plan on consuming my body weight in margaritas and guacamole DURING my trip, I want to wear my bikini ON my trip.

That means I have five months to drop 15 -20 pounds (I know last week, I said 10-15, but seriously – the scale was not kind this morning).

Five months. That is 3-4 pounds each month. That is more than doable.

This morning, I dug out my old WW food journals from last summer – when I lost 25 pounds in 5 months. I ate a lot of processed crap (frozen lunches, 2-pt bars, etc.), went over my points almost every day, and still lost weight.

I’m not sure I can do it that way again this time. I’ve been concentrating more on eating food – good food, even – lately, that processed food doesn’t even taste good to me. The thought of buying a Lean Cuisine makes me gag a little, actually. (Hmmm…maybe that’s a good plan. Buy a lot of frozen lunches, look at them, gag, put them away and skip lunch. The downside is I might start lunching on the Mini 3 Musketeers outside my office. The plan may need refining.)

I am participating in Glam’s Muffin Melt-off, which gives me about 6 weeks to lose the first 6 pounds to get back to skinny jean weight (just in time for my 2nd anniversary). And then just under four months to lose the remaining 10-or-so (a little less than a pound a week). The only problem with that? The upcoming cookie and stuffing holiday season.

The good news? I have two 5Ks on the books – one in October & one in November (right Kris?) – that should keep me running. Also, I am seriously considering running a marathon the end of May – and with the level of fitness that I’ve lost in the past few months, I’m thinking I may have to start my training a bit earlier than I would need to if I HADN’T lost almost 3 months of running – this program recommends 27 weeks, starting with just little runs; the 18 week program that I’ll likely use starts the last week of January – just when I’ll be seeing the light at the end of the stress tunnel.

So – my plan (because I love a good plan)

September (what remains):

  1. continue to run 3x/week, with input from PT, gradually increasing run time
  2. yoga 1x/week (A – wanna hit yoga this week? Maybe Friday evening again?)
  3. crazy weights 1x/week (I’m there on Thursday – any takers?)


  1. Continue to run 3x/week – at this point I should be RUNNING, not run/walking
  2. Return to fantastic work-out classes
  3. Yoga 1x/week
  4. Crazy weights 1x/week
  5. I’ll be done with PT, so I can’t rely on that for my other weight training day, so gym 1x/week for my personalized quad strengthening program
  6. Run 5K on 10/19


Items 1-6 above, 5K on November 16 (I think); Long runs should be creeping up to 6 miles again


  • Repeat as before, long runs 6-8 miles
  • COOKIES ARE NOT MY FRIEND!  Not even sugar cookies in festive shapes! 
  • (Seriously – step away from the cookies.)


  • Don’t have a nervous breakdown.
  • Go to yoga as often as possible.
  • Go to crazy weights as often as possible.
  • Don’t stress about missing a weekday workout.
  • Go for a run already.
  • Cookies are still not your friend.


  • Run, run, run!
  • Yoga.
  • Weights.
  • More weights.
  • Try on bikini.
  • Go on vacation. Eat, drink & be merry.

Any suggestions? Criticisms? Advice for keeping the cookies at bay?

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