If you’re for a government that doesn’t interfere with the people, ’cause you know they can make the best choices, then how can you reasonably be anti-choice?

Just wondering.

Also – if you’re looking to be elected for four more years of the same party, how much “change” can you really campaign for?

If I were playing the RNC drinking game (drink every time someone says POW or maverick, finish the drink if someone says moose), I’d be wasted now.  Good think I’m waiting for Kim to show up so we can go for a walk.


  1. The sad thing is, people are actually buying this moosesh*t! It’s all about image, and somehow, there is something about the McCain/Palin ticket that is familiar and comfortable to people no matter how ludicrous their arguments are.

    That it is even still a close race at this point is mystifying to me. People don’t care about truth or logic or reason; they just want to hear the same lies over and over because it makes them feel good.

    I’m pretty disgusted with the country I live in; if voters go for another 4 more years of this insanity I’m not sure how I’ll ever get over it.

  2. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this “CHANGE” BULLSHIT spewed by the McCain campaign when the Republicans have been in office for 4 FREAKIN years and the dems have only very recently taken over the house and senate. The sudden distancing from GW is a riot.

    I’m with Crabby. RIDICULOUS that the race is even close.

    I saw McCain supposedly inched ahead in a couple of polls over the weekend and I am completely sick.

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