A Good Weekend
A Good Weekend

A Good Weekend

We didn’t camp – the weather didn’t seem compatible.

Instead, we went out for Thai food Friday night.  Saturday morning, the architect & I went for a run.  That was pretty awesome, since we seldom run together anymore.  It was a short run, but good.  We spent the rest of the day doing yard work.  My front perennial garden in 99% done.  My veggie garden is looking awesome.  I think the potatoes are growing almost visibly.

Saturday night got stormy – so we had dinner on the front porch & watched the storm come in.  It was a pretty spectacular thunder storm.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a storm that awesome – they’re not that common in either Los Angeles or Portland.

Sunday we did nothing.  We lounged.  I took a bath.  We went out to dinner.  Life was good.

Today we went hiking – beautiful hike.  We went about 12 miles – maybe more.  I’m feeling pretty good.


  1. Our weekends were quite similar, minus the hike and gardening, plus a few family-oriented activities.

    Let’s get together for some workouts soon! Unfortch…. I am out of town We/Th this week to Seattle and then leave for a week in CA (not for pleasure 😉 on Friday… so it will have to wait until after the first week of June! But then… seriously…. the crazy weights class is calling our name.

    I’ve been going when I can to crazy weights (until the phlegm struck!) and once I even stayed for THE MOST FUN spinning class. The instructor on Th rules. He is a riot and he hops off his bike to dance around to disco with a towel. Should not be missed.

    Fingers crossed for more conducive workout weather this week.

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