Third to last Friday

as a working stiff.  Kind of.  I will still be working a few hours at my current job because I am stupid a giver.  My desire to NOT screw over my co-workers rarely works out well for me.  Something to remember in the future.

But, after May 3, I will have the option of saying “I am not available until 10 that day” or something similar.

My wonky knee is still behaving a bit wonkily.  Yesterday, I met Hot Thick Chick for our early morning ass-kicking weights class.  And consider my ass kicked.  It had been 2 weeks since I’d been to class, and I hurt all over today.  In such a good way.  After class I hopped on the treadmill, and at exactly minute 22, my left knee started to hurt, so I slowed to a walk and cooled down.

Yesterday afternoon, I was doing some speed work with the cheetah on the trails, and at exactly minute 22, my left knee started to hurt.  A lot.  I had trouble walking back to the office.  I iced it with a Diet Coke.  🙂  It feels fine today, but I’m staying off it because I have a 10K on Sunday and I want to kick so much 10K ass.  My last 10K was 1:13:30 (or something) and I was last in my age group.  I have every intention of finishing pretty close to 60 minutes on Sunday, and my knee needs to cooperate with that.

Tomorrow I will do an easy bike ride.  I’ll walk later today.

But, the most exciting thing about today?  I have reached another new weight low.  And those 130s are now tantalizingly close.  Also, I think my back fat is gone.  Which you probably don’t care about, but I couldn’t find it this morning, and that made me happy.  Ever since I stopped following WW and started eating between 1600 & 1800 calories a day (it took a while to find that balance) and burning between 3500-4500 calories a week, the weight has been dropping off again – about a pound a week which is perfect for me.

Happy weekend!

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