Forgive me father, for I am lazy

It’s been 7 days since my last run.  I don’t think a couple of Hail Marys & the Lord’s Prayer are going to fix that, though.

Although – the migraine is definitely gone.  Which is good.  I am planning on running after work.  It looks like we have a bit of nice weather coming our way (76 on Saturday!  woo!).

I’m still planning on hitting my 10 mile run on Saturday – and maybe now I’ll be all fresh & rested for it.  I never thought I’d get so antsy for a run.  I hit the elliptical last night, and that helped, but there’s just something about feeling the pavement pounding under your feet and the smells & sounds that you get on the road.  Everything is blooming now – it’s the perfect time for an outdoor run.

The other thing that makes this the perfect time?  The desire to keep my pants from getting tight after my crazy PMS-induced “I must eat EVERYTHING in the WORLD!” feelings of the last week.

It doesn’t feel much better than this, does it?

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