Quickly becoming a weight-loss blog


But, this is a lot of what I’m doing lately. I never thought I’d be that person. You know, the one who comes to work and says, “Yesterday I ran 5.6 miles, and then immediately followed it up with a 11 mile road bike ride. I’ve never had an endorphin rush like that.”

But I am that person.

I’m also the person who told her co-worker today that this was her day off from exercise as they left the building for their 60-minute hill walk. As soon as the words started to come out of my mouth, I realized it probably doesn’t count as a day off from exercise if you actually exercise that day. But, I am a crazy person, so maybe it does.

It’s been an interesting challenge. When I first started WW in 2003, it was about the time I met my (now) husband. He is a pretty physically fit person, and it was humiliating that I couldn’t even complete a 4 mile hike without wanting to die. I lost 40 pounds that first year. And then, it stopped. I didn’t really gain much back until this year, it started creeping again (I think last winter was to blame – there were a lot of cookies, and a lot of rain, and a lot of dark). I’m (so far) down slightly more than 20 now, but even if I never lost another pound, I wouldn’t care too much.

I am a runner.

And I’m starting to be one of those annoying people who thinks that everyone would just love running as much as I do if they’d just give it a good shot. If you got some really good, professionally fitted shoes. Run on a day like today (70 degrees, fall, beautiful leaves, that awesome summer/autumn smell of pine and dying leaves). Get that runner’s high. See…..it’s awesome isn’t it?

The other interesting thing about the WW this time is that there are two people in my office who also participate, so we can encourage each other, share recipes, and talk about how many points things are.

The recipes are the most fun for me. I love to cook (most of the time) and I love to eat (all of the time) so finding a way to eat all those things I want in a healthy manner has been interesting. Add in my other dietary restrictions (no mushrooms, no red meat or pork, very little fish [because it creeps me out] and now, no dairy) has been a very interesting journey.

So tonight? Since I’m not hitting the gym (it’s my day off, remember?), we’re having

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, if you know of a good Vegan cookbook that utilizes a lot of soy protein items, do let me know. I’m not planning on following a strict vegan lifestyle (chickens and cheeses are too important to me), but I would like to learn to make more than stir-fry with tofu.

Also, have any of you ever taken adult swimming lessons? I really want to do a Triathlon next summer, and I know I can do the running (10K – no problem) and the biking (24.8 mi – can do with some training). But the swimming (.93 mi – which is something like 32/33 laps in a standard non-olympic pool) worries me. When I was swimming twice a week, I could do about 30 laps without stopping, but I am so slow. Everyone else would be done with their race by the time I got out of the water…..so, I need to get better. But, I’m also not a beginner, so don’t want one of those “don’t be scared of the water – learn to swim” courses. It’s rather unfortunate that I didn’t live in a town with a pool between the ages of 6 & 18. That might’ve helped.

So – that was a lot of rambling. This is going to be a long week, I think.

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