All better….mostly

So – it turns out that unexpected periods can really wreak havoc with the already fragile psyche of someone who suffers (loudly and melodramatically) from Seasonal Affect Disorder.

I am feeling much better now, and credit that in part to my talking about what was going on, in part to my persistence with the exercise, and in part to the $500 Macy’s gift card that I won. It’s really the trifecta of working through angst and depression and the dark.

So – I had a pretty good weekend.

Friday evening (after I finally got home…things were a bit…slow due to some accident – our bus driver’s exact words were, “I’ll take you if you want to go, but unless your idea of a fun Friday night is three hours in a bus with me, you might want to try a different way”).

The architect and I got some Thai take-out and watched Planet Terror and 1408. I loved Planet Terror – but then I really like cheese, violent movies that don’t take themselves too seriously. Also? I kinda love both Rose McGowan and Freddy Rodriguez. That was so much fun.

The rest of the weekend sounds much busier than it felt.

Saturday we went to macy’s to spend the $500. We got a new knife set for the kitchen – which was desperately needed – six years of the Wal-mart set just wasn’t cutting it anymore. hee. We also bought a decanter since I’d broken the last one. The architect got some new clothes (three shirts, some pants and some sock) – which were desperately needed. I also got some new clothes – a skirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of blue jeans (Calvin Klein, natch), two sweaters, a belt (also desperately needed) and some tights. $500 at Macy’s doesn’t go nearly as far as you think it will.

After the shopping, we rushed home to pack up the kitteh and take him BACK to the vet, hoping that this week, he’d let them touch him long enough to get his shots. Fortunately, he was not a Tasmanian devil this time – although he did bite me – and hard. His tooth touched my finger bone actually. Blech. I think when I arrived to the vet asking for a 1st aid kit that frightened the already intimidated vet techs (he already bit someone? and it was his owner?) but they got through it, and we got a free towel (no one wanted to retrieve the head-covering towel from his box).

Then, the yard work.

And next? Dinner at Grolla Restaurant. We didn’t do the tasting menu, and the menu changes pretty frequently. We started with the bread basket and some champagne. Next we had the hummus appetizer and some gorgonzola stuffed polenta cakes (so very very good). For the entree, I had a white bean stew in roasted squash (so pretty) and the architect had sea scallops with white bean stew. Double-yum. For dessert, we had the chevre cheesecake. We also split a bottle of some very good Pinot Gris.

So delicious. After dinner, we just went home and collapsed in a food coma.

Sunday morning, I did another 5.5 mile run, and then the architect and I went to Multnomah Falls for a hike. It was all romantical, since we’d gotten married there almost a year ago. It was very nice, and we actually saw a wedding there! So that was cool.

After hiking (and running!) I was starving, so we stopped at Tad’s Chicken & Dumplings on the way back. The chicken and dumplings were amazing. So yummy. The dumplings were the size of baseballs!

I was pretty wiped out when we got home, so I took a bath, cleaned out my closet of all non-fitting clothes, and then just lazed. We watched Transformers last night (which I loved!) and then I was asleep by 11.

It’s looking like a pretty busy week – but next weekend I’m in LA! WOO!

So – all is well now. For a while, at least.

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