Because I Care….

Piperlime is having a clearance sale (somewhere between 300-400 pairs of shoes, all under $50). And I wanted to share with you. Because you need pretty shoes. And since many of the shoes are summery, you’re stocking up for next year. When the styles may not be available. Because they are no longer in style. But, whatever. Maybe you live in a warm climate where open toed shoes are appropriate year round. (Side note: it was 47 degrees when I left my house this morning. That is chilly.)

How do I know about this amazing sale? Mir from Want Not. Best website there is for the most interesting bargains. I subscribe to that site because I like to be cheap, and she helps me. Of course, some of the things I’ve found on her site I may not have purchased, but at least I got a bargain. (Also, she recommends that if you do find a pair of shoes on Piperlime, you should look for the same style/size/color at either Zappos or Endless, because they’ll do a pricematch PLUS free overnight shipping. And really – cheap shoes tomorrow? How do you go wrong with that?)

And even if these do go out of style, I’d wear them anyways:

Or maybe these:

And look…these would be great for fall:


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