Let the People Decide!
Let the People Decide!

Let the People Decide!

Friday evening, I was drinking a martini and talking to the architect about shoes. I’m sure he was fascinated (although he may have just been grateful that I was talking and not buying….little does he know that the fall shoe season will soon be upon us).

I told him that the first thing I would do with a large sum of money would be to buy a pair of Louboutins. He scoffed. Why spend money on shoes?

He would buy a Ducati. Because it can be used for getting from place to place. Thus? More practical. I wasn’t sure if a $30,000 motorcycle was more practical than a $1000 pair of shoes. So I told him I’d be blogging this and let the public decide. So, what say you, public?

(And, as a bonus, even though it’s not Wednesday, some shoes. Not that I’m trying to sway your opinion, though.

Marc Jacobs....sigh

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  1. Well technically shoes would also get you from place to place, though it’s probably a tad more slow than the motorcycle and by the looks of the sassiness that is the shoe, perhaps a little more painful to get from place to place, but hell you’d look pretty hot in the shoes on the cycle.. there now aren’t you glad I stopped in.

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