Is It Wrong?

That I feel really nauseated because I just booked airtravel? Airtravel that is over 6 weeks away. But yet, now I know I have to get on a plane. And although I’m excited to go to Chicago (arrive at O’Hare about 4 PM on the 25th, need to be at the airport at 5 PM on the 28th…couldn’t swing a Saturday overnight – which sucks, although I am free after 10 AM Saturday), and all my evenings are free.

So – yay! I will be in Chicago. And also, blergh – I have to come in an airplane. I checked into Amtrak, and it takes 48 hours to get there that way, provided there are no delays (ha!), and I don’t think I can justify the extra time off of work as a “fear” benefit.

So – Chicago. See you in 6 1/2 weeks. Shoestores, better start preparing.

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