Why Tuesday Sucked

And other amusing ramblings on life…..but still? no shoes.

Yesterday morning actually started out pretty well. My MAX train was a magical train that turned from yellow into blue, meaning I didn’t have to transfer!

Yesterday evening was less good. My work computer is angry with me. I missed every public transportation connection last night, and it took me nearly 2 hours to get home. Then, I went outside to play with my kitty for awhile and when I tried to get back in realized that I had locked myself out. On the night the architect was working late. So – we played outside for a LOOONG time. And I made several phone calls. And I got to have a good, long conversation with someone I don’t talk to nearly enough.

And the architect rolled in about 9:45. Fortunately, the back of his pickup wasn’t locked, so I was able to store Darwin back there once it got dark. However, for some reason that caused a weird reaction in which every cat that lives in North Portland showed up at my property and surrounded the truck where my innocent little baby was stowed. It was really weird – horror movie creepy, almost.

(Other fun kitty news – Darwin has never been outside much before we moved into our house, and has had limited interaction with other animals. He knows his big sister, and met a bunny a couple of months ago, but so far has not known about dogs. So last night, we’re hanging out, and a little Scottie walks by with its human. I’m trying to text the architect to tell him that I’m a moron, and I hear the woman say, “I think your cat is stalking my dog.” And sure enough, he was. And then, he pounced. It’s just a damn good thing that he pounced a 17 year old dog that grew up with cats instead of a 6 month old German Shepherd or something. The dog just looked at him, they sniffed each other, and Darwin made a new friend.)

So today, I trying frantically to get everything done so I don’t have anything to do in the morning. We’re going to be on the bus to the airport at about 8 AM tomorrow morning, and I don’t want any running around before hand. Just coffee and yogurt.

So – I’ll be out for a few days and am not sure if I’ll be checking in too much. Have a great weekend everyone!

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