Race Results

So – I ran the 10K yesterday. And, I finished the 10K. I ran the whole damn thing (although I did walk very briefly at the water stop, so I could have some water). And, I wasn’t last. (Although I was the last female in my age division, which is depressing, since I’m supposed to be in my prime.)

AND – the big news, I finished under my goal time of 75 minutes. I had an overall time of 1:13:42, which gives me a pace of 11:52 mile. Which is faster than my 5K pace in March. Not much faster, but still….I ran twice a far and did it faster. So – that’s cool.

My running friend, however, finished in just over 55 minutes, and had an 8:54 minute mile – which is just awesome.

I don’t think I’m going to do another race until the 5K race for the cure. And after that? The half marathon in October. For, I am motivated.

Of course, there was more to my weekend than running. I also mowed the lawn. And yesterday afternoon (because apparently I was feeling lax in terms of strength training), the architect & I went to his co-worker’s home to pick up 200 bricks (although, really? there were only 197). And we picked them all up and brought them home. Where, we picked them up again and made a lovely brick structure behind our castle.

And soon, I promise – there will be more photos of stuff. I just haven’t managed to bring the camera’s battery charger, photo downloader & camera together in one place.

I am so hungry. If my lunch partner doesn’t get back to the office soon, I may gnaw off my own arm.

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