Coming Together

It turns out that we are signing the final loan paperwork on Tuesday…which is less than a week away. We get the keys on Friday. We have gas, electricity, water, sewer & garbage all arranged. We have the internet, cable & a home phone (because someone who is NOT me decided that we needed cable & a landline……) all ready to be connected.

Now all I need is a healthy dose of panic. Oh, wait….there it is!

Today, I was unable to get out of bed until almost 7 – probably because there was no distant promise of gin.

The gin yesterday was Broker’s….and it was good – especially if you like the botanical flavor/odor. I learned a lot about gin, and I drank a lot of gin. It was a good time. Right now, the only US distributor for this gin is in Oregon, but I’m sure there are places around the country that get their liquor from Hood River. It was a tasty, tasty treat. Also? the speaker was the owner, and he was all older & British & wearing a bowler hat. And I got to be his test case between Sapphire & Broker’s….it was a good day.

Today is less good….I just want it to be over. Work is all sucky with suckiness today. Bah.

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