back online

yesterday, there was no internet at work ALL DAY!!!!!! Do you know what that means? No reading blogs, no obsessively checking my email, no updating my blog (although on the bright side, that meant that the shoes have been front and center for much longer than they would have otherwise)….oh – and no getting some essential work done that required internet access. fortunately, all is okay now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though.

I have some sad news. I am going to have to return the Steve Madden Pawla shoes. They are just too narrow, and although I tried to talk myself into cutting off one toe on each foot, it was determined that they would have to be returned. *sigh* The other sad news? UPS has delivered my shoes to my apartment office, which is holding my shoes hostage. They are only open from like 9 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday or something ridiculous like that. So I cannot go there and obtain my shoes. That I need. To comfort me in my time of losing my other shoes that did arrive. And the worst part? I had to go online to find out where my shoes were, because no one has told me where they are. I just know that they were delivered. I’m hoping they’re at the apartment office. Because who knows. Maybe there are shoe thieves accepting deliveries at my apartment. It could happen.

I’ve finally started knitting again – which is fun. Now that it’s almost spring, I should be able to finish that hat and those mittens. I might as well just start on the sweater now – perhaps I can have it done in time for next winter.

Work has been heinous all week – our database software had an upgrade in February, and apparently not all the bugs were ironed out before releasing the upgrade…so tasks that used to take about 30 minutes, are now taking 4 hours. Fun stuff! It’s almost enough to make me renounce my love for Raiser’s Edge. Almost.

This weekend promises to be mildly hectic, as well. Tomorrow, the home inspection is at 9:30 – the sewer scope is at 10:00 – and then we’re visiting some flooring places. I am so tired – I just want to sleep for a week.

The fun that started a couple of weeks ago with my visit to the ER just continues – whatever is wrong continues to be wrong, and I have felt the need to switch to a mostly liquid diet. It turns out that I really can’t eat cheese at all if I want to be a happy person. Which doesn’t even make sense, because cheese=happiness. The equation that cheese does NOT = happiness goes against all laws of nature and the universe.

I do have a dr. appointment this afternoon (with my naturopath, who I’m hoping to one day propose to) and (for those of you who care) did call my other drs. office, where they gave me some unacceptable advice that involves taking a lot more harsh chemical compounds than I’m willing to accept. I’m hoping that I can beat my body back into submission, because I’ve felt varying degrees of terrible all week, and can’t run, elliptical, eat, sleep, etc….so that sucks a LOT. (but really I’m okay mom & dad – so no need to worry.)

I’m just happy that it’s friday. between the stress at work and the stress my body is putting me through…things have not been good. I just want to sleep for a week.

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