Not Back in Whack…but getting there

So, I had my naturopathic doctor appointment this morning. And it was awesome. It was really nice to visit a doctor who cares enough to take time to listen to each and every one of my complaints and come up with solutions. I spent 2.25 hours with the doctor. She embraces a mixture of Eastern & Western medicine, which was nice.

There was only one small hitch – something that sounded like “no more caffeine, especially not Diet Coke.” Then I blacked out. Everything else seems pretty doable – well, maybe not yoga three times a week at a studio – but maybe once a week at a studio and twice a week at home would be okay.

There is the small problem with my sciatic nerve (that I kinda knew was a problem) and the words “back surgery” were tossed around as a possibility if the yoga, massage & acupuncture doesn’t help.

There were many solutions, only one of which made me feel like an unruly 19th century pioneer child (cod liver oil every day).

There are mood enhancers/stabilizers which are supposed to make me happy.

I feel a lot more positive about everything right now (although that could be the mood enhancers coupled with the acupuncture).

I love my new naturopath.

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