Turkey Madness

Yesterday was a fairly good day. I was going to make my pecan pie and cranberries Wednesday night, so they were all ready to go, but that didn’t so much happen.

Instead, Wednesday after work, my friend Kim & I visited a couple of knitting stores, and then decided that we needed beer. So we went to Laurelwood Brewery to sample their seasonal Winterwarmer (all German, so pronounce the “w” as a “v”) and it was good. So good, that instead of having the one beer we’d called home and told our husbands we were having, we had three. But, we brought home beer for them, too, so all was forgiven.

Thursday, I got up and turned on the parade (which is lame) and made bread. And pecan pie (pictures & reviews to come soon) and cranberries. Then I allowed the architect into the kitchen so he could make coffee. Then, I made cornbread stuffing and put it in the oven with the turkey. Then I caught the very end of the parade.

The architect left to go for a long bike ride (in the pouring rain) and I relaxed, watched a little Buffy, and drank a mimosa or two. Then, after the relaxing was over, I made potatoes and corn and then called my mom.

That’s when things got exciting. As I was on the phone with my mother, it became time to remove the turkey from the oven. So I did, with great care. The turkey was at the perfect temperature, as evidenced by the handy-dandy meat thermometer that was in the turkey. Being a safety-minded person, I knew I also needed to check the internal temperature of the stuffing. So, I grabbed the meat thermometer – the metal, oven-safe meat thermometer – to move it to the stuffing.

No, I did not use a hot pad. Yes, I’m absolutely certain that I perforated my mother’s eardrums with my screams of pain. Also, I nearly caused the death of my new husband as he heard me scream whilst showering, and in his haste to see if he’d be collecting on my life insurance, nearly slipped and fell.

If you do want to eliminate fingerprints for an interesting crime spree, this is a good, short-term solution. If, however, you’d prefer to keep your fingers blister-free, this is not the way to go. Because ow!

Anyways, I survived, and can even type today with minimal pain. So – dinner was fantabulous. I am an amazing cook, and there are many leftovers, because it was just the two of us for dinner.

Brad’s archi-friends came over later for pie, and that was fun, too. We chatted, drank some Winterwarmer beer, Derek made us Manhattans (which I did not enjoy), and he left some delicious pumpkin chocolate walnut bread which was an excellent breakfast choice.

Also, my office mate had extra pumpkin cake, and she’s going to give me some if I’m good. So, yay! for good food. I love December. It always makes me want to bake. I’m making more pie this weekend, and brownies for the knitting group (one of the knitters is a proprietor of a wine shop, and she said she’d bring wine if I brought brownies, and how do you argue with that?) and probably cookies. YAY! for winter.

Also, it might snow next week, and that is exciting stuff.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and I also hope that none of you are working today, because today is not a day of work productivity, and I’d rather be curled up on the couch knitting.

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