I Think Every Friday is Good Friday

Because it’s Friday. Which means I can wear jeans and my new kick-ass boots. And the week is almost over. Only four more hours. Then it’s the weekend. And I don’t have to work on weekends. And while I am aware that there are lots of people who do work on weekends, I am glad that I’m not one of them. Of course, occasionally my job makes me work on weekends, but that’s pretty irregular.

I am lucky that way, I guess. Although I would be even luckier if a rich anonymous relative died and left me his/her fortune and then I wouldn’t have to work at all. That would be cool. I could learn how to knit. And volunteer at the library (although not in the children’s reading room). And travel whenever I felt like it. Often, when I express the desire to not work, people tell me they think I’d get bored, but I think they underestimate my laziness. When I am anxious to get a job, as I was after moving to Portland, it was not because I was bored not working, it was because I need money. I love not working. I love sleeping ‘til 8 every day, and then playing online games and writing and reading and going for bike rides whenever I want.

I love deciding to go for a hike on a Tuesday at 10 AM.

I just don’t love not having enough money to buy shoes and food and rent and everything else I’m expected to pay for.

But, today is Friday, which also means that tonight is date night. We are going to a pub in downtown Portland that apparently has gin that was made right here in Oregon. So, I am going to try a locally-grown martini. I know! It is so freaking exciting I can hardly contain myself.

Although we found some acceptable Mexican Food last weekend, I am anxious to continue my culinary exploration of this city, and am hoping to find Indian food soon. Any suggestions?

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