Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

Quote of the Day

Borrowed from the Copasetic Fish.

“When the guys at the hanger told me there really is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane, that it’s really just 3,000 parts put together by the lowest bidder, suddenly jumping out of that tin can with wings DID seem like a really good idea.”

I really hate flying. This does not, however, make me want to skydive.

Still No Porn

Because I keep forgetting to find the porn at home, since I am not allowed to look at shoes at work. I have tried, but it doesn’t work.

I really don’t have a lot going on right now (at least not much that I haven’t shared already).

It’s Wednesday, but most of you probably already knew that.

I got the wedding ceremony draft yesterday, and it’s very nice, I think. Very simple and sweet and short – but nice. I feel all grown up and stuff, what with all this marriage stuff going on.

My only problem now is that there are not enough hours in the day. I get up by 6 every morning, and am out the door by 6:40. I get to work about 7:30. Leave work at 4:30 (although I usually forget to leave until closer to 5). If I go home, I get home about an hour after I leave. If I go to the gym, it’s two hours after I leave. So – home by 7 at the latest, really. That should leave plenty of time, right? Three – four hours?

But it doesn’t. By the time I change clothes and make/eat dinner, it’s after eight, and I’ve been sucked into reruns of CSI: Miami (and Speed died! and that sucks, ‘cause I liked him. Although not nearly as much as David Caruso. I pink puffy heart David Caruso) and then it’s nine and almost time to start getting ready to bed, so why bother doing anything now? Might as well just watch whatever’s on the History Channel (ooooh…“Mega Disasters” “Engineering an Empire” and “Lost Worlds”).

I’m not sure what I’m going to do when http://www.nanowrimo.org nanowrimo starts. I may have to swear off CSI watching so I can get my 2K words/day in. Last year I was fortunate (or something) and didn’t have a job for the first two months of November (hard to believe that it was only a year ago I lost my job), so was well on my way to 50K words by mid-November. Also, when I did start my job, it was a 10-minute commute, so I got up every morning by 6 (as I do now) and was able to write until 8ish or so.

I guess discipline is necessary. Blech. It’s funny, though, that my commute is way longer in Portland than it was in LA, isn’t it? Although now, I never have to drive anywhere, so it’s kinda worth it. Maybe when we start house shopping, we will have to look in a different neighborhood, since we live east and both work west.

So – that was an exciting episode of logorrhea, wasn’t it?