poison runnin’ thru my veins

Despite everything I am about to report, I had a wonderful time this weekend. I love camping, hiking & biking. Also, I bought some gin and then had a martini. I spent two wonderful nights in the woods with my architect and one of his best friends.

However, I once again proved that no matter how hard I try, I will never really get the hang of that whole gravity thing. But, I get ahead of myself.

Saturday morning, the architect and I left Portland and headed towards Mt. Hood. After driving through such delightful towns as Rhododendron & Zig Zag, we got to our primitive campsite on the other side of Government Camp. Although the campsite was a bit more primitive than we’d expected (I’m good with no showers, but the lack of outhouse kinda threw me), it was beautiful. We wandered around for a while, and then the architect went for a bike ride.

After he finished, we headed into Gov’t Camp to find some ice and have dinner. We ate at the quaintly named Huckleberry Inn. Which was unfortunate. The food and service were pretty subpar. However, the huckleberry pie was amazing – so that was a good thing.

Sunday morning, we headed up the steep trail out of our campsite and got on the PCT. The trail was very dusty – at least an inch of dust, which poofed up at us every step we took. And then, the earth moved. Because I fell on it. Really really hard. Right up until I hit the ground, I thought I was going to save myself, but I didn’t. Bruises and blood on both hands and both knees.

Ow. But, I determinedly soldiered on – besides I was over two miles from the camp, at least, and what else was I going to do? That did cut short our hike, and I opted out of any afternoon activities.

I got a lot of reading done, and have three book reports coming up! I know! That’s like three personal pan pizzas!

Sunday evening, I got to make the fire – which went quite well. I am an excellent fire starter.

Monday morning, the men folk went for a mt. bike ride, and although I was extremely jealous, the fact that my hands were giant swollen bruised messes, incapable of using brakes, and that I couldn’t walk very well caused me to stay in the camp.

While there, I scratched at the numerous fly bites I’d gotten the night before and managed to spread poison oak all over my legs (see – the title did eventually make sense). So, I’m a bit itchy. I’m thinking of having my legs amputated.

However, if I did that, then I couldn’t wear my beautiful new shoes (which is all the porn you’re getting today), and I want to wear them. They are so pretty. And comfortable! When I put them on, I gasped in surprise and pleasure.

Today was like Christmas, because not only did my new shoes arrive, but also a surprise package from one of my favorite bloggers. The incredibly talented and generous E sent me a book, a bracelet, and a gift certificate (unfortunately, the thong with musical element is no longer available – which breaks my heart).

Also, our long-suffering money tree is having a dramatic revival, which makes me feel like there are good omens abounding.

The temping is still going…it’s nothing special, but the company is nice, and I think I may have made a friend with one of my fellow temps.

The architect started his job yesterday, and things seem to be going well so far.

I’m hoping that I’m getting settled now, and can start updating and reading other important blogs on a regular basis now—starting today. I have stories! And book reports! And shoes!!

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