Feelin’ Spacey

although not Kevin Spacey.

Today has been a weird day – I feel like I might not be all there. There were good things. I wore my pretty new shoes and my pretty new bracelet. I talked to my good friend Sara. I had a peanut butter & banana smoothie after work.

Then, there were the other things.

I panicked this morning as I was getting ready for work. I was looking in the mirror after I got out of the shower and noticed a giant hairy mole on my chest in a place where there had never been a mole before. I had the cancer! And it was killing me! I started planning my funeral, picking out the pirate ship that I would be cremated on, you know, the usual. And then I realized. The mole? It was a piece of lint. From my towel. So – not dead yet. Although at least 10 years older because of the 2 1/2 minutes of panic.

As an intro to space cadet moment #2, I need to disclose that I ride the light rail (MAX) to work every day. In three weeks, I have driven twice. Once, on the first day of work, because I did not know where the office was, and once last Friday because I panicked (again!) about the whole paycheck/bank thingie. Every day, after work, I ride MAX four stops to the east of where I get on. And I don’t really have to count stops. There are announcements. I know what street I get off at for the 8 block walk home. Today, I was reading (as I do on the MAX – as does almost everyone, I think – I’ve never seen so many books not in a library or bookstore), and we stopped. So, I got off. It wasn’t until I’d walked towards the area where the stairs usually are and realized there were no stairs that I determined that I had gotten off at the wrong stop. One stop too soon, actually. I was so embarrassed that I decided I would just walk home. I live somewhere between stops 3 & 4, so it shouldn’t be too much further, right?

Not so much – it was at least twice as far – and while a walk like that certainly isn’t detrimental, I really wasn’t dressed for exercise (at least I wear tennis shoes now instead of trying to walk in my heels), and it was all uphill. And hot. And sweaty.

While walking, I attempted to call my friend Brad and invite him up to Portland for some nachos and beer, but he didn’t answer. Then, I tried to call Margaret to see if she was back from Afghanistan. She also didn’t answer. Then, I tried to call my cousin who is rumored to be moving to Portland soon. No answer. Then, I began to feel as if there was a conspiracy against me. But, fortunately, Sara answered. And since I love her very very much, I was pleased. YAY! It’s weird living in a new city and not having anyone to call up for forced happy hour after work when you want it. *sigh* I’m sure friends will happen soon enough.

Tomorrow night, I have a date. I am meeting my architect downtown after work, since it’s pretty much in the middle. I am going to go to the Steak & Chop house at the Embassy Suites because I’ve been wanting to have a martini there ever since meeting a friend in the hotel lobby a few weeks ago, and then we’re going to have dinner.

This weekend, I am hoping to get the invitations all done & sent and all that crap.

So – happy Thursday!

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