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I had planned an exciting blog-o-rama post with pictures and flashing lights and naked dancing girls, but that didn’t so much happen.

I am, instead, lazy. Not completely lazy. Almost everything (of mine) is unpacked. I finished unpacking the kitchen. If I would do some dishes, the kitchen would be a place of beauty and light. As it is, it is a place of dirty dish piles.

The office is also (mostly) unpacked. The architect and I (and our four computers) are sharing an office. It’s actually going to work out fairly well. We were uncertain that we wanted to subject ourselves to such constant closeness, but it turns out we would have had to do it this way if we wanted all four computers to have internet. And, of course we do! We both do substantial bits of screwing around work at home, and need to have all this access. His beautiful new drafting chair should arrive today, and then we will really be set up.

The bedroom is small. And mostly unpacked. All that remains are the architect’s clothing. Which may actually remain unpacked unti we move to our new house. We had to buy a beautiful expensive dresser plastic drawer thingies from Target to store all of our clothes because the new closet is extraordinarily small compared to the old closet, which I didn’t appreciate enough when I had it.

The living/dining rooms are still kinda chaotic, but all my books are put away, which is a feat in itself.

We have been watching a lot of cable. Have I mentioned how many channels there are? As someone who hasn’t had cable in seven years, it’s been pretty exciting. I love the Weather Channel! and the History Channel. And HGTV. And CSPAN! (I am not a dork. Shut up!) Also, we got to find out who the 50 hottest people are, courtesty of BET (Tyson Beckford was #2, and I bought him a drink once and then we hung out for hours and he told me I was pretty. Actually, only part of that previous statement was true – I’ll let you guess which part) AND the 40 hottest Rockstar Wives & Girlfriends courtesy of VH-1.

Last night, we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. It turns out that we live, as has always been the case for me, right on the edge of nice & trashy. I saw a LOT of white trash looking people, and a confederate flag and a swastika. A woman we spoke with the other day mentioned that she’d left SE Portland due to the large number of Skinheads in the neighborhood. I hadn’t expected to worry about that too much. I don’t think I will worry too much, but it just didn’t seem to fit.

So far, I love this city. Everyone’s been so nice to us, and except for the ridiculously high price of diet coke, things have been cheaper than LA. Also? The cheese is very very good. I don’t care if it isn’t from Happy California Cows, the cheese is damn good.

I’ve had three interviews so far, and can’t talk about them anymore for fear of jinxing. I hope to hear something from a couple of them tomorrow, but am not sure – I’m hoping that no news means they are not rejecting me out of hand. But, I’ve thought that before. I should probably stop thinking about it – just making myself paranoid. However, if you are from Portland and need a non-profit development person, feel free to email me.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m having beers with a friend in the computer tonight, and am much looking forward to that. The only thing that makes me sad about her is that when we were chatting on the phone Sunday evening, she jokingly mentioned that she didn’t believe I’d had a chance to discover the best martini place in Portland yet, and I replied that I hadn’t even had a martini yet. There was silence, and then she asked if I was feeling unwell.

I’m not sure where you people get the impression that I like martinis. I’m sure it’s nothing I’ve said. However, if anyone has stolen the top to my shaker, please return it with a bottle of vermouth and some olives, and all will be forgiven.


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