I have arrived

We got into Portland at about 2 PM or so Thursday afternoon. We are all moved in now. I’ve had 2 of my 3 scheduled interviews, and they both went really well. I have one more interview on Monday (for the least desired job so far) and the architect has an interview on Tuesday.

I am so happy & excited to be here. Now, I just need to find some pizza, ‘cause we are HUNGRY! We moved about half of our stuff in yesterday afternoon and finished this afternoon. Then, we drank some wine. Now, we need to find out who will bring us pizza.

Our apartment is smaller than I expected. It has more square feet than the LA apartment, but more rooms, as well. But, it’s cute. Also? Our complex is very diverse, which is cool.

We have very little unpacked, but we have cable! Lots and lots of cable! We have a whole bunch of channels – it’s like magic! And today, a very nice man came and gave us the internet. He was all full of customer service – something that doesn’t so much exist in LA – it was kinda creepy at first.

So – the next couple of days are just random unpacking and relaxing. The architect will leave me on Wednesday to go to San Francisco to pickup his truck and drive it the rest of the way up here.

I will try to start checking & commenting on everyone’s blogs tomorrow. Also? I will have more detailed updates then, as well.

If you need my new address & I haven’t given it to you yet, please let me know.

YAY! I live in Portland. City of nice people and trees.

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