I’m back!

Things went a little wonky after last Wednesday, but now everything is good and happy and the internet loves me again. So – lots of goings on.

Tuesday last, I met up with a friend from Milwaukee for pizza & beer. We went to Old Town Pizza, which is supposedly haunted. Although I didn’t notice any ghostly activity, we still had a great time. Even better, she’d brought my new necklace. Her husband, the talent behind Lonewolf Chainmaille, made this beautiful necklace, which I will be wearing at my wedding.

After good pizza and good beer, we went to Voodoo doughnuts to pick up some treats. I got the architect a fruit loop donut, and had a Portland cream donut for myself.

It was a LOT of fun hanging out with Steph, and I can’t wait until she & her husband move to Portland so we can run our own NP consulting company.

Wednesday afternoon, the architect ran off with Amtrak – he took the train down to the Bay area to collect his pickup and drive it back to Portland. The 18 hour train journey stretched out over 24 hours, and he ended up driving the entire way back on Friday. I pretended that I really wanted him to stop if he got tired, but I was relieved that he didn’t.

I caught some kind of fun summer cold, and am just now recovering from it. Saturday, though, was not good. I didn’t do much of anything – we did get another box unpacked I think.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy. We hung some artwork, unpacked some boxes, watched cable, and then went to the OMSI. I don’t think I’ve had more fun in a LONG time. That is one terrific museum. At first, I was a bit uncertain, since it seemed so kid-oriented, but after a few minutes, I was hooked. After the museum, we walked across the river to downtown and went back to Old Town Pizza. The architect hadn’t yet experienced the haunted pizza goodness. Although we were again not assailed by haunts, I did manage to live up to my screen name – we ordered a pitcher of beer and I, wisely I thought, made the architect carry it. I carried the (empty) glasses. All the way to the table. And then, I dropped one. It broke and glass flew up everywhere. Including into me. Fortunately, I was mostly uninjured, just a lot of tiny, tiny puncture wounds. I’m just talented that way.

After returning home last night, we decided to go swimming, since our complex has a pool. It was a bit chilly, and we didn’t last long.

Tonight, I must start running again – just over 4 weeks to the 5K (feel free support me in the Race for the Cure if you haven’t already), and I don’t think I’m quite ready yet.

So – that’s about it. Still no pictures – I can’t find the thingy that transfers the photos to the computer. Maybe soon.

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