Independence Day Wrap-Up

Yesterday was a crazy fun day. The architect and I rode our bikes to friends #1 for bbq. (So good, those pescatarian bbqs….you don’t need meat to have yummy yummy bbq.) As soon as I figure out what is wrong with my camera, I will share the exciting pics. I know, you can’t wait.</p>At about 7, we hopped back on our bikes and rode to Marina del Rey for fireworks. My very, very cool friend Margaret lives on a boat with her manfriend, Todd, and their boat lives right across from where the fireworks come from. The best part of that was that I got to see Margaret’s new shoes that she got in New York. These are not exactly it, but they are so very close:

And then, after the fireworks, Margaret drove the architect & I home. Through the post-fireworks traffic. Because she is a saint. I was so moved by her saintliness, that I composed a sonnet in her honor.

In Praise of Margaret
(and her shoes)

Oh Margaret, she is the best of friends.
Through crazy traffic, she gives no complaint
Around the bad drunken drivers, she wends
Her way, her voice unsullied by their taint.


Oh Margaret, she is the best of friends.
She gives me rum, and sometimes wine. She hosts
Me on her boat. She quite frequently lends
Books (alas! no shoes!) and advice for posts.


Oh Margaret, she is the best of friends.
She is a formidable Scrabble foe.
Her store of two-letter words never ends
The seven letter jackpot words oft’ flow.

Margaret, owner of the Prada shoes
With your sweet friendship, I can never lose.




Now you all know why I am not a poet.

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