Things That Suck

I usually look forward to Fridays. Not only are they the last day of the workweek, but my boss leaves between 11 & 12 Friday mornings, leaving me alone in the office the rest of the day.

I can’t tell you how much I get done when she’s not here. So much work & non-work all gets accomplished on Friday afternoons because she’s not talking to me every 5 minutes, asking me to help write emails for her, or just fucking talking. SHUT UP already.

I don’t care about your fucking dead cat. It was sad 4 months ago when it happened. No one cares about your fucking cat anymore except for you.

Ahem…anyways. (Also the humming! Stop the humming or I will kill you. No – please don’t start singing. That’s just as bad. How could one person be so fucking tone deaf?)

(Sorry about the language mom & dad)

So, this morning I got into work a bit earlier than usual, because I knew we had a lot to accomplish before the boss left at noon. And she told me that she’d decided to not only stay all day today, but all day next Friday as well. And, she’d stayed all day last Friday. And on the 9th. I think she wants me to fall into a deep despair and jump out of the (2nd story) window. And so far, the despair thing is totally happening.

The only thing I like about my job is Friday afternoons (and the good it’s doing for my résumé).

So, now my day is ruined.

At least there will be a martini tonight. And sleeping in (until nine, maybe!) tomorrow.

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