South Dakota Part I

I am very tired. I got a total of 21 hours of sleep in four nights. I really need 8-9/night to make me happy. That’s a deficit of 11-15 hours of sleep. I didn’t get home until midnight Sunday night. I still haven’t completely recovered.

However, I did have a marvelous time. Thursday, Sara & I went and got manicures & pedicures. One thing I was not counting on was that nail service is one of the three things that costs WAAAAAY more in South Dakota. I have never paid more than $20 for a mani/pedi in LA. People – it was $42!!!! And I really don’t even like pedicures. The guy kept touching my feet.

Then, we had lunch. At Perkins. Salad with chicken in a bread bowl. Yum! Then, we worked very hard for a while on important wedding things. Sara was the maid of honor (best woman), so she had to write a speech. I helped by reading US Weekly.

Then, we drove to the rez. The second we walked in Marcy’s parents’ house, there were offers of food. And beer. And, okay, the food had meat in it (I picked it out) and the beer was Bud Light in a can (I got used to it after the 7th beer, I think), but still, that is down-home country hospitality. Then, we went to the barn where the reception/dance were to be held. And we helped. By staying out of the way, smoking outside, and offering constructive criticisms. And setting up the bar.

That night was lovely. While we waited for Steph, we sat outside and drank more beers and smoked more cigarettes. Steph arrived about 11:30, I think. It was so good to see her! I love my girls. We sat outside until nearly 2, until a giant gust of wind chased us inside. There was a tiny thunderstorm (yay!). We stayed up until after 3 talking. I woke up at 7. I’m not sure why. People – that is 5 AM in my world. I stayed there until Steph got up, and then we had juice & went for a walk.

We walked & walked & walked. It was just after 8. We had on shorts & t-shirts. It was over 80 degrees and very humid. We were on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. So we did what anyone would do. We took off our shirts. And then we walked some more. Then, we heard a car. It was the groom-to-be and his dad. They stopped. And stared. I hid behind Steph, because I am self-sacrificing that way. They offered us a ride and seemed a little surprised that we were walking on purpose. Finally, they drove away.

That day was pretty busy. We cut up fruit and ate ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. And then went to the rez town (which is not on Rosebud for those who are curious) and checked into our hotel. Then, back to the farm for the rehearsal. It went well, although still very very hot. Then, rehearsal dinner. Which was grilled steak slightly overdone chicken breast (to be fair, the chicken was just for me, and it’s hard to grill chickens and cows together), awesome mashed potatoes and bread and butter. And one beer. More college friends appeared.

Funny story: I was standing outside talking to Steph and other bridesmaid Becca (who is very cool and very pregnant) and mentioned my inappropriate shoes. At that point, Sara approached and said “Inappropriate Jew? Where?” And I, being an extremely witty person, said, “He’ll be here soon.” Which is funny because we know one Jewish person, and he is very inappropriate. And very funny. And a great person. But still? Inappropriate.

That night, we were good, and were in bed by midnight, and I was asleep by 1.

More later (with more pictures). However, here are some teaser wedding day pics.


This is the SDSU crowd, minus Marcy’s brother Will who was wandering around.

Bridal Party

The bridesmaids, flower girl (the woman next to me in black & white), and the bride & groom. The only person shorter than me, even with my 5 inch heels, is the 10 year old Jr. Bridesmaid.


Me, just after my hair was finished. There was a chocolate fountain in the next room, so all was happy. However, I still have scabs on my head from the evil bobby pins. 🙁

More to come!

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