I am a spreadsheet rock star

I try not to talk about work too much – other than evil boss stories – but I have to tell you about my genius.

You may know that I work in non-profit & am a fundraiser. You may remember that I was cruelly fired from my job that was stressful and wonderful and educational and perfect and I hate the fucking bitch who couldn’t handle the fact that I knew what I was doing, and she didn’t (know what I was doing OR what she was doing).

I currently work at a tiny non-profit. Which means I am not only the annual campaign manager, I am also the accountant, the admin, the capital campaign director, and the program manager. Our program is building stuff. Our current project is just finished (6 months behind schedule), and I came in 6 months ago.

So, the books? are a mess. And I? do not have either a construction management or a financial background. So I? was lost. And things looked bad. Like almost $100K short bad.

Our board member who is a cost estimator and has done construction management came in today. And we went through everything. And there was praise for me for finding the most grievous errors. And sympathy for me and empathy, becuase the billing (from the contractor)? was way fucked up. And now, instead of $100K short, we are $20K to the good.

I is smart. That is the conclusion to which I came today.

Also, I figured out how to update my work website today using Dreamweaver.

I am a goddess of boring crap! YAY!

I feel that a little worship is in order. The evil boss promised to buy me a martini soon for helping to figure out the financial stuff.

However, do not get the impression that I will work for martinis. I mean, I will, but don’t be passing that info around.

Now – I have a date. 🙂

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