Holy Shit!

Although I can’t actually talk about my work (because I value my professional future), I can’t tell anyone details, but this week is insane.

And now I have to a write a letter to a government official who is commonly mistaken for a monkey and whose last name is a synonym for chaparral. A letter that he will read. I mean, I’ve written letters to top government officials before, because I am an angry person with many issues, but never one that was guaranteed to be read by the person to whom it was addressed.

And probably? I will never be able to use this letter in my portfolio, because of the sensitivity, but if it’s effective, it would be the best portfolio letter ever.

Just keep your fingers crossed that I will not have to meet with Gad (yes, that is another pseudo/syno-nym and not a real name – I am sneaky like that).

And please, send martinis. It’s going to be a long couple of days.

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