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There is no reason to read this

This is all about me and my girly problems. That is all the warning you get.

I have endometriosis. I was diagnosed when I was a senior in college. This was after years and years of problems (10-ish to be exact). I missed at least 1 day of school every month from sixth grade until I finally went on the pill when I was 15.

Finally – fewer cramps (less of a lot of stuff actually) and no more worries.

It started getting really bad again my senior year of college. I went to the campus doctor (Student Death was the affectionate nickname we gave the health center — once a doc prescribed me an antibiotic that I was allergic to, not four minutes after telling him I was allergic to sulfa — good thing my mom is a nurse and I told her what I was taking before I started) and he switched me to a different pill.

I started bleeding. For six weeks. The heaviest I’ve ever bled.

I started getting really really tired, and pale (and pale definitely stands out on me. I was pretty brown) and weird.

I started shoring my energy for important things like partying and started skipping classes (lowest GPA of college was that 2nd to last semester). I went to a different doctor. A woman doctor. An Ob/Gyn. She told me that my body was just adjusting to the new pill and it was nothing to worry about. Happens all the time. I looked at her. I was breathing pretty hard from the strenuous trip to her office from the waiting room down the hall. And I asked, “Has this ever happened to you?”

She walked out.

I think I knew then that it was going to be a struggle to find (and keep!) a good doctor.

I saw my mom at Thanksgiving a couple of weeks later. She cried when she saw me because I? was not looking good.

I had a friend who had a recommendation. I went for an appointment and was introduced to the dildo cam. That was fun.

He recommended laparoscopy (or, if you believe the LJ spell check, a periscope). I had it the week school started back up again after Winter break. The surgery itself wasn’t too bad. It gave the diagnosis. He cleaned stuff up. I felt better for a long, long time.

Of course, then I moved to Los Angeles. And have been through so many doctors. The doctor who prescribed Lupron (and got mad at me when I quit 4 months in — didn’t think “emotionally volatile” was a good enough reason. So I killed him. Because I? was fucking emotionally volatile.) Finally, three years ago, I found a good doc. She’s not the best, but she’s pretty good. She listens.

She gave me valium once. When I have bad side effects from what I’m on, she listens and switches. When I get a UTI, I call the office, and the phone in a ‘scrip for me.

She’s helped me through the precancerous growths, the 16 biopsies in 3 years, and the treatments. Also? she called me personally with all news, good and bad, and helped me deal with the statement: “hey Amy? those growths? they are back again” every single time.

I got a phone call from her the other day and erased the message without listening to it. I’m overdue for an appointment, but I can’t go. I don’t have insurance anymore and I can’t afford to go in and pay for an exam.

She gave me permission to take the pill continuously so that I only get my period when my body really really wants to.

I’m actually tearing up a little right now. Probably because last week, my body decided it was, once again, time. So, I’m a little emotional.

Although I only get my period every 4-6 months now, it’s still really really bad when I do. And it never comes alone. Oh, no! We have friends. Sometimes it brings my good friend UTI and bloody piss, this time it was accompanied by an old pal – evil migraine of vomiting and death.

Because there is nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning with cramps and mild nausea, and then spending 20 minutes bowing to the porcelain god after eating Grape Nuts.

I’m not sure where this long ramble was going (or really where it went).

I have cramps.

I have a headache.

I miss my doctor and may never see her again.

Jesus is NOT a Rapist

Overheard while watching channel 18 – an Asian (Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese) television station.

Accept Jesus into your heart. He will not force himself upon you.

(Good to know…‘cause no one wants to be raped by Christ.)


Do you think Kenneth Cole will be my boyfriend?


Today is triple the porn for 1/3 of the cost — or something. We’re having Kenneth Cole worship day.

I can’t wait until I make lots of money (or until the architect makes lots of money and gives me a big allowance)…then all three of these WILL BE MINE! MWA HA HA! ummm…sorry about that. I get a little carried away at times.

I’ve probably kept you waiting long enough. Here is the delightful shoe porn of the week.

Kenneth Cole - In Linen Color


Kenneth Cole - Hourglass


Kenneth Cole - Round 'da World


As we say in here in the porn industry – today was a multiple-O kinda day.

Sometimes, posting shoe porn (and looking for shoe porn) makes me feel kinda frivolous. It makes me wonder if people would fail to take me seriously as a writer and a thinker and a valuable contributor to society because I have a pretty shoe fetish.

I worry that I will be dismissed and disregarded.

And then I tell myself that if anyone is willing to not have a conversation with someone just because that person likes shoes, then person #1 is stupid. Although, looking back on the sentence I just wrote I’m not sure I’m doing anything to promote my own intelligence.

Oh well. *sigh* I like shoes. I like looking at shoes. I like blogging about shoes. But honestly? There is no way I would ever have a conversation longer than 15 minutes about shoes unless I was actually shopping for shoes at that very minute.

So there.

Good News for South Dakota?

Petition filing could halt S. Dakota abortion ban

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) – South Dakota abortion rights supporters said they will file a petition on Tuesday to halt – at least temporarily – a new ban on abortion in the state, which became law in March as a direct challenge to the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion.

The South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families said it had obtained nearly 38,000 signatures on a petition aimed at repealing an abortion ban signed into law by Gov. Mike Rounds on March 6.

The petition would be filed with the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday afternoon, and if at least 16,728 signatures are certified as valid, the scheduled July 1 implementation of the ban would be nullified and voters would be allowed to decide the issue at the ballot box in November.

“This law is just not feasible and is just very extreme,” said Dr. Maria Bell, an obstetrician who helped sponsor the petition drive, in a press conference.

The South Dakota measure is considered one of the most restrictive in the United States. It bans nearly all abortions, even when pregnancies result from incest or rape. The law says that if a woman’s life is in jeopardy, doctors must try to save the fetus as well as the woman. Doctors who perform an abortion could receive a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

About 1,200 volunteers circulated copies of the petition around the state, and the coalition said it had signatures from all 66 counties in South Dakota. Thousands of Democrats and Republicans alike signed onto the petition, which calls on the state to allow voters to decide the issue.

“The people of South Dakota…do not support this extreme ban,” said Jan Nicolay, a former Republican state representative and co-chair of the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families.

Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, a national anti-abortion organization, said he expected the petition to be approved but that voters would support the abortion ban.

American Life League has already started campaigning to keep the measure alive, holding forums and distributing literature throughout the state.

“We have been fighting for just this sort of law for 26 years. It (the repeal effort) will be soundly defeated,” Sedlak said.

The ban’s supporters have said they want the law to be challenged in court so it can make its way to a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court. They hope the law will help overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a woman’s right to an abortion.

As most of you know, this is a painful issue for me as I grew up in South Dakota and it hurt a lot to have the entire state judged based on a law that didn’t go through the people of South Dakota. South Dakota has always been split evenly over the abortion issue, but polls showed that more than 50% of SD residents did not support this law, as there were no exceptions for rape, incest or danger to the mother’s health.

I’m proud that the residents of my home state stepped up so effectively and resolutely to challenge this unconstitutional law.

hey baby….

I know you don’t read this very often, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

You are, by far, the sexiest architect in the world(I think the proof is that someone came to this site looking for sexy architects).

I hope you have a great birthday, and a great year.

Thanks for being my partner, my husband-to-be, my support, my biggest fan, and my best friend.

I love you.