Random spewing about my boring life

The architect is writhing on the floor, pretending to exercise. Hee hee. Funny man.

I really want to talk about my road to financial health, but I’m afraid it’s boring, so I won’t. Wouldn’t want to bore my loyal readers (hi! Margaret). I will say that I’m feeling much more positive today about the money situation, although I only have $60 to spend for the rest of the month. That money, however, is free & clear. All bills are accounted for, including groceries. I know I need a new pair of pants & a new shirt, and also a haircut. Can I get all that for $60? I should probably get a present for the daughter of some friends of mine, as I will be going to her 1st birthday party. Crap — there’s also that going away party.

Ah, well. Changing the subject, more or less.

So, next Sunday (the 23rd), the architect and I are going to a 1-year-old’s birthday party. In a park. With no alcohol. Why would you invite your child-less friends to your one-year-old’s party? Is it for the presents? It’s for the presents, isn’t it. Seriously, no one without kids cares that much for your kid, unless they are related to you (and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was pushing it).

However, I very much like the parents of the small child, so we will go, and we will smile, and we will not hold it (the child). I went through a phase last summer when I very much wanted to spawn, but thanks be to all that is holy, that phase is long gone. As soon as I get health insurance again, I’m tying these tubes right up. Probably.
Have a good weekend!

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