I’m sure I will have many witty things to say later, but right now….gah.

So, I will tell you a funny story that happened a week ago.

I was driving to the airport to pick up my friend Sara (hey you bra-stealing wench!), and was behind an Explorer. As I was approaching the vehicle, I noticed that it had personalized plates. They read:


I didn’t get it right away, but as I got closer, I noticed the license plate bracket read: “Teddy Bears are my life”

That helped me interpret the license plate.

It also made me giggle. hee hee. I mean, I love me some inanimate objects. Like cheese. I am very fond of cheese. However, while I would comically entertain the idea of having a cheese-loving license plate made, I probably wouldn’t actually purchase it. Although a cheese-loving license plate bracket is doable.

I was just curious — do any of you have any inanimate (at least I hope her teddy bears were inanimate, ’cause otherwise that’s just scary) objects that you would love enough to temporarily imortalize on your license plates?

(although a plate that read: DRTMRTNI would be cool if they ever let me have 8 letters instead of 7….I’m just waiting for that day.)

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