Obviously, the universe hates me

I worked really really hard yesterday, polishing up 2nd draft of my book, so that I could read through it this week, make a few last, minor adjustments, and then farm it out.

I had it open just now (it helps me be more productive at work, so shut up!), and noticed that on page five were two paragraphs that should have been moved to page 260ish.

“Oh,” I thought to myself. “I must have copied & pasted the two paragraphs instead of cutting & pasting like I meant. Silly Amy.” However, before I deleted said ‘graphs, I thought I should just double-check that I’d actually put them where they belonged. Not only weren’t they there, the last half of my book is MISSING. As in not there. As in, the book ends on page 150, and just kind of leaves you hanging. This is weird because:

a) I am a fanatical saver. Ask the architect – he’s moved me 3 times (soon to be 4), and will testify that Amy: likes to save.

b) I was very confused last night when new draft (cleverly labeled draft #2) was somehow 10 pages longer than draft #1. Now draft #2 is 150 pages shorter. This is obviously not right.

So, very very sad, as I worked very very hard yesterday. Seriously people, there was a lot of hard work happening. I did not get off my ass all day until it was time to go to the airport, because I was working so hard.

Where do you think the 2nd half of my book went?

(Also, if you have brilliant suggestions for naming said book, let me know. If I use your suggestion, I will totally give you the first autographed copy of the book AND acknowledge your invaluable contribution. The book is about a serial killer. Named Peter. Who likes to kill people in August. With an ice pick, mostly, although he can resort to strangulation in a pinch. hee hee hee. that was funny.)

Trying so hard to not panic.


Edited to add: Not sure how this happened, but when I got home & opened my laptop, a “recovered” file opened up & it was the lost file. I’d saved it with a new name (draft #2) yesterday, and the saved date was correct. However that happened, I don’t care. I have now backed up to all of my computers and my thumb drive. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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