I work in hell…but live in the Telestial Kingdom

Saturday Margaret came over and we partied like nobody’s business. There was Nicaraguan (Flor de Cana) Rum & Scrabble (I know you’re all jealous as hell). We play Scrabble frequently, online when we can find it, and in person when the two of us get together. I beat her more often than not online, and she has beaten me every single time in person. Saturday night, though, the coolest thing happened. We tied. Seriously! We tied at 298 each. That was truly awesome. And it is not one bit pathetic that I think that it was truly awesome.


I am having hostile thoughts about my E(vil) B(oss) (although, in all fairness, I’ve determined she is less actual evil, and more just really, really stupid). I gave her a file (on CD) to take to Kinko’s to have printed. She also insisted that I print out said file so she could see what it looked like. That was Friday. She went to Kinkos on her way to work this morning, and just made color copies of the photo. This would have been fine, except that the whole reason we were taking the picture to Kinkos to be printed is because it doesn’t print out very well on our printer at work, so now all of our photos look kinda dumb, and off-centered.

I freaked someone out in the bathroom this morning. I was changing from my bike clothes into work clothes, and was a tad…glisteny. So, I was mostly dressed, but was still sans shirt (although was wearing the bra). I was standing in front of the sink, washing my face, and someone walked in. She was upset about my (completely non-) nudity, and told me that it was inappropriate (to be partially unclothed in the ladies’ room). I half-expected her to call the cops & have me charged with public nudity or indecent exposure or something. It was really weird. I felt that I couldn’t have violated her more if she’d walked in on me having sex with her husband, or her teddy bear, or her stapler or something.

So, large viewing public, if you walked in to a women’s restroom, not expecting nudity, but came across a well-dressed woman not wearing a shirt (no visible nipples), would you freak the fuck out? Or just be a little startled, and then carry on with your business?

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