accidents happen

to all of us. who among us hasn’t “accidentally” had too much to eat or drink, or accidentally slept with someone we didn’t really mean to, or accidentally been late for work, dinner, picking someone up at the airport, etc. some accidents are happy accidents (like that time I accidentally ordered a gin martini instead of a vodka martini and fell in love), some are less so (like that time the semi-truck accidentally ran into my family’s sedan)…. With my profound lack of grace, I am certainly no stranger to the painful side of accidents.

but the worst accident that I have encountered in recent years happened tonight.

I went to the kitchen to feed the monsters, and I accidentally ended up doing all the dishes. I feel so used. So dirty. So wrinkled. What the hell is wrong with me? I had no intention of doing any dishes until tomorrow, and now they are clean! and the counters are clean.

I am so ashamed.

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