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Enter the End

December 1. The beginning of the last month of 2015.

Overall, it’s been a decent year. There are some job things that aren’t quite as good as one might hope and I’m 23 books short of my 2015 reading goal. I should start counting re-reads, then I’d be kicking that goal in the ass.


Speaking of asses – I do not have a yoga butt. The one thing I didn’t accomplish that makes me a little bummed (hee) is the exercising.

I got a lot of shit done this year.

I finished a book. I edited another book AND THEN SENT IT INTO THE WILD. I started yet another book and am, so far, 56K words into that one.


I mommed and my child seems to be moving out of his sociopathic stage – at least for the time being.

2015-11-26 14.19.27

I spent time with friends (old and new) and the architect.



12002343_10153241184096376_5689931774452571734_o2015-11-29 19.53.46

I did two triathlons and two 5Ks.

I only race for medals.

I only race for medals.

5K post baby PR

5K post baby PR – and mimosas

I fought off a recurrence of my fairly significant anxiety disorder and am living happily drugged up and mentally balanced (most days).

I traveled to New Orleans.

2015-09-25 17.51.17

I’ve been working like a fiend on my Swedish and although I’ve a long ways to go, I’m getting there. I’m not ready for my new boyfriend Alex to come over and test me yet – at least not in Swedish. Heh.


I got the beginnings of a new tattoo (which should mostly be done by the end of the month.

Teaser! No full pics until it's all done.

Teaser! No full pics until it’s all done.

So when I look at what I’ve done, why do I only see what I didn’t do? I’m not going to write that list, because I don’t think that’d help anything, but that’s where I get stuck.


A looooong time ago, I used to do monthly goals. They were generally things like “run 100 miles” or “workout 35 hours” or “I obviously haven’t yet had a kid and am not currently in a management position [insert goal here].”

But I want to do that for this month, maybe just scaled down a bit for realism. I am yelling at myself in these goals, so forgive the third person.

  1. Go for a fucking run. Seriously. Get out on the trails and run three miles and remember why you like running. Do it Sunday morning. Now it’s a plan immortalized on the internet so there is no choice in the matter.
  2. Stick to about 80% of the December eating plan. If you have bacon and eggs for breakfast on Christmas, you get a pass. Also no one expects you to go 100% cold turkey on the cream in your coffee. This does not mean that you SKIP breakfast when you’re home just because you’re out of oatmeal.
  3. Write every day. It’s the best habit you have.
  4. Move most days. It’s the best habit you don’t have.
  5. Read 23 books, because you are not failing at a reading goal.


Bonus goal: Just breathe. Shit happens. You lead a privileged life full of wonderful things and people and this, too, shall pass.




For five days now. I know.

It’s been such a busy few days. There was a lot of good and some not so good.

Thursday evening I decided I really, really needed to make apple cider sangria. And so I did. And lo! It was delicious.

2015-10-01 19.44.05

The sister wife and I hung out with the architect all evening until I got tired (or drank too much sangria) and had to go to bed.

Friday started out kinda shitty. It’s not my story to tell, but I would like to go on record as being pro-gun-regulation. I tried to get my Zen on, but was unsuccessful.

Two things that usually make me happy.

Two things that usually make me happy.

After the tense was over, I headed over to a nearby storage facility to sign a contract on a storage unit. It was not creepy at all.

(Mis)quoting a friend, "I'm not saying there's been a chalk outline there, but..."

(Mis)quoting a friend, “I’m not saying there’s been a chalk outline there, but…”

After paying money for that lovely space, I went home and found the sister wife waiting for me. We exchanged one of Satan’s handshakes.


and then went to lunch.

That evening, the Bean and I met the architect for dinner at Ecliptic then went home to see how the cider sangria had fared after sitting for 24 hours.

It fared well. So good.

I did my best to decimate the remaining supply.

I did my best to decimate the remaining supply.


Saturday, the sister-wife, the architect & the Bean went on a great train adventure. The best part of the adventure is that I did not have to go along!

2015-10-03 18.32.52


Instead, I finished another chapter and a half on my book, and spent most of the day hanging out with a friend. There was tasty food AND delicious beverages involved.

Porter and Thai Curry

Porter and Thai Curry

Sunday was moving day. But first, we feast!

Bloodies with tomato juice from the garden, cheesy grits, and egg clouds. And bacon. Obviously.

Bloodies with tomato juice from the garden, cheesy grits, and egg clouds. And bacon. Obviously.

We moved a few things into the storage unit, including a big-ass shelf thing. Our living room looks rather bare now, but we no longer live in a box palace and I feel comfortable having the house cleaner come back!

After the exciting storage moving (there was police action! Storage units are the best!), the sister wife, the architect & I (with occasional help from the Bean) cleared the garden of tomatoes. SW (sister-wife) and I headed to her house for jars and the the rest of the day was spent canning tomatoes (me) and finishing the deck (SW & the architect).



I was supervising. With wine. (I may have also antiqued the deck. With wine.)

I was supervising. With wine. (I may have also antiqued the deck. With wine.)

I mosied down to the local food cart pod to get the hard workers food and beer. I fell on the way because I INSIST on wearing this very cute pair of shoes that I have never yet worn without falling over.

I’m bruised on the shin, in the chest region, one hand, and a little swollen on the chin. It was awesome.

Imagine this (these are box carrying bruises), but all over my body. Yeah. It's SO sexy.

Imagine this (these are box carrying bruises), but all over my body. Yeah. It’s SO sexy.

Because I am awesome, I went to the food carts in aforementioned shitty shoes, but also my Mitmunk pink bionic leggings and a unicorn shirt.

So cool.

So cool.

I carried my Marie Laveau bag, too, because (a) I needed a way to get all the food and beverage home and (b) I am that awesome.

2015-10-04 18.45.05

After the deck was finished (and it is, except for fastening the stairs to the deck), we celebrated with food and beverage and fire!


It was no trip to NOLA, but I sure did have a delightful weekend. Wonderful people really do make for a lovely weekend.

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Three (3!) Things Thursday – the Return

  1. I am so excited about autumn, for all that it induces SAD. I love sweaters and tights and pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather. I am trying to make it autumn by dressing like it’s chilly, but Mother Nature is fucking with me.


  1. One of the things I love best about autumn is that it’s almost HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. Love. I will start decorating as soon as I get back from New Orleans. I plan on feeling extra spooktacularly inspired after hanging out with the zombies and ghosts and vampires and other creatures of the night while there. In the meantime, I’m getting a head start by decorating my Chloe.
My office bestie

My office bestie

  1. Also, it’s costume time! As I’m sure you know, last year I was a fucking Valkyrie ice queen: shield maiden and chooser of the slain! This year, I am going with a different pantheon but a similar idea. My sister-wife (I know! After all that asking the universe [or the internets, more than once, whatever] for a sister wife I finally got one who can sew! So far, she’s not agreed to be my stay at home mom [not my mom, but rather the Bean’s mom, duh] but I’m hopeful) is helping sew my costume. We went to a fabric store and bought a pattern and she’s going to do sewing things! In the meantime, I just want you to remember how awesome I was last year.
This is what awesome looks like.

This is what awesome looks like.

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Bad. Ass.


Happy Thursday! I promise not to choose you to die on the field of battle! At least not until November.