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Not only am I famous because of my many, many radio interviews, I am now an award winning versatile blogger!

Kyra from A Foodie Gets Fit presented me with this award. Thanks, Kyra!

Apparently there are rules, though. I am now obligated to tell you seven things about myself. I thought about going with an easy list – (1) I like Buffy, (2) I like shoes, (3) I like gin, (4) I garden, (5) I make cheese, (6) I am having foot surgery in less than 4 weeks, (7) I fall down sometimes – but then I decided that was cheating. I won an award! I should share interesting new facts!

  1. I might have the green thumb in the family (see previous entry), but my garden would be nothing without the architect. He does most of the watering & structure building (and definitely helps with the eating).
  2. I am not sure if I’ve ever seen a scary movie. Sure, I’ve seen horror movies, and movies that are supposed to scare the pants off of me, but nothing really does. Pretty sure that means I’m warped in some way. Also, it means you should never ask me for a scariness factor – the answer is usually 1 (on a scale to 10).
  3. I love crime dramas. My favorites are CSI: Miami & Criminal Minds, but I also love ALL the CSIs, Without a Trace, NCIS, Crossing Jordan, Bones, and basically anything that involves profiling or forensics. I also love Castle, which is not quite the same genre, but has the added benefit of (1) being funny and (2) starring my boyfriend Nathan Fillion.
  4. I also adore trashy fantasy novels; I love werewolves & vampires (full disclosure – I totally hated the first book in Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, but they did get progressively better). I love swords & sorcerers. I love them all.  I also love this website that I found today. (I am beginning to think that items #2, 3 & 4 might be related.)
  5. I am terribly afraid of spending the rest of my life as a corporate drone, moving from office to office & doing it all for the benjamins. I am almost equally as afraid of never having enough money to do some of the crazier things on my life list (see numbers 10, 12, 14, 24, 25, 27, 34, 40, 41, 42, 46, 47, 49…damn! I want to do a lot of very expensive traveling). This creates great conflict. I am hoping to resolve it by becoming a world-famous and incredibly rich novelist who gets to stay fairly anonymous & is never recognized in airports. Part of my plan also involves never having to meet any fans or do publicity tours or book signings. I am not as brave as other famous authors I know.
  6. I love cemeteries. The older the better. I have pictures of gravestones hanging on my bedroom wall and an entire photo album on Flickr devoted to the pics. Someday I’d love to do a coffee table book of Pacific NW cemetery pictures with the architect (he’s a MUCH better photographer than me).
  7. In the past 10 years, I feel that I have changed dramatically as a person. I went from being ridiculously introverted, incredibly shy, and very insecure into someone who actually does okay in groups, enjoys hosting parties, and has a lot of really, really good friends. I think some of that is due to the weight loss, and some to meeting a fantastic architect who showed me that it really is okay to have confidence in oneself, and some of it was just growing up. Whatever it was, it’s awesome. I feel better about myself than I ever have. I love my life, and I wouldn’t trade any of the mistakes of the past that brought me to this present.


I think at this point, I am supposed to nominate other worthy recipients, but I’m not going to. It’s because I am too lazy you are all too awesome for me to choose! So – you! Right there! You win! Feel free to post 7 awesome facts AND this lovely badge on your website.


You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

The other day, JeepGirl17 gave me an award:

As she says,

The idea behind the “Proximity” award is that there are some blogs out there that make you feel closer to somebody out there. You may never meet this person in real life. It may a person whom you wouldn’t have become friends with in the outside world. It may be a person you have very little in common with. 

But this person is somebody who you check in on every day. Somebody you become interested in, somebody you wonder about if they haven’t posted in a while. Somebody who, in weird way, you start to consider your friend. 

I’m passing it along to:

ABDPBT: Anna is hilarious – even her stories involving her toddler are funny (and i’m not a big toddler fan). Also, you have to check out the continuing saga of Tonya. Really – go. 

Republic of Dogs: I love the crazies (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) on this site. Everything you could ever want is hear – politics, food, wacky stories about dealing with the CDC, stories about dating Jewish doctors….and the discussions generated are almost as good as the posts themselves.

In Good Taste: This is one of my go-to food porn sites. The food photography is good, and I have gotten so many good ideas here. She does so much with seasonal foods, and that makes me happy. Yum.

For a more comprehensive list of all the bloggers I love, check out my rotating blogroll on the right. You all rock.