Fall From Grace

One last, perfect summer—that’s what Grace Kane and her best friend Hope promised each other. They’re young, beautiful, and have their whole lives ahead of them. 

Grace has just graduated from high school and wants nothing more than to get as far away from Eden Valley and her overbearing older sister as possible. When James, Hope’s on-again/off-again boyfriend returns and monopolizes Hopes attention, and Grace receives a rejection notice from the university she’d planned to attend, she’s left watching life from the sidelines as her perfect summer slips away, and along with it, the belief she’ll ever be free.

Enter Quinn, the hot as hell newcomer to Eden Valley who only has eyes for Grace. When a summer romance turns into something more, will the choices Grace makes lead her to happiness? Or will she end up trapped in Eden Valley forever?

Fall From Grace is an origin story novella in Eden Valley, a magical new paranormal women’s fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell, author of the Eleanor Morgan novels and the Oracle Bay series.

Fall From Grace has romantic elements, but it is not a romance.

Valley of Angels

When the dark voices from beyond the grave grow tired of being ignored, Bev will finally find out why everyone’s dying to visit beautiful Eden Valley.


Forty-five-year-old Beverly Hill had her life together—or so she thought. She had a good job, great friends, and the most spectacularly wonderful and exhausting niece a woman could want. It should’ve been enough. But then an angel walked into her life, and all hell broke loose.


Bev is tossed into a world darker than she’d ever imagined—even after living through the last couple years of hell mouths, lake monsters, and friendly neighborhood demons. It will take Bev, her necromancer-in-training niece, and Barachiel—the angel who’s become a constant thorn in her side—to combat the darkness and save the town from the vengeful dead.


Will Bev learn to listen to the voices calling for help without losing her mind? Can she follow her heart without losing herself? Or will the voices from the other side drag her down to stay with them…forever.


Valley of Angels is replete with angels, demons, and necromancers (oh my!) and is the third book in Eden Valley, a magical new paranormal women’s fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell, author of the Eleanor Morgan novels and the Oracle Bay series.

Hell’s Bells

It’s taken thirteen years, two kids, and one trip to hell, but Evie and Luc are ready for their happily ever after.


Evie and Luc have been through hell, survived monsters, and helped banish the evil necromancer who threatened the town. Now, they’re ready for their beautiful winter wedding at Estaca Corazón, their friend Charlie’s beautiful vineyard, with all their friends and family as witness.’


Of course, some families are more difficult than others, but Luc’s can be downright hellish. In addition to juggling her future in-laws and keeping Evie’s wedding nerves in check, her friends have one more surprise to contend with.


The wheels Bev set in motion last fall when her blossoming necromancy flared at the winery are about to come off the bus when the darkness that slept in the tunnels beneath the vineyards wakes. Will everything go off without a hitch? Or will getting hitched be overshadowed by Luc’s demon family and the shadows lurking in the dark?


Hell’s Bells is a novella set between the events of Valley of Angels and Guardian of Eden in the Eden Valley series, a magical new paranormal women’s fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell, author of the Eleanor Morgan novels and the Oracle Bay series.

Guardian of Eden

Blending in as an angel is hard enough, but when you’re the adoptive mom of a primordial lake monster in a town full of demons, it’s nearly impossible.


Aurielle Jones spent the last several millennia guarding Eden Valley and its secrets without forming attachments to anyone or anything. But then the unexpected happened—she made friends. Now, her loyalty and obedience to the one who created her are put to the test when she is forced to choose between friendship, love, and obedience.


When her darkest secret and deepest regret reemerges in Eden Valley and threatens to destroy the town, the balance between heaven and hell, and her heart, she is given a command. Destroy the nephilim—again—who was once the center of her life, or watch her friends and neighbors fall one by one.


One wrong decision will cost Elle the town she’s been entrusted with, the lives of the people she’s unexpectedly grown to love, and her very existence. Can she save the humans she loves without sacrificing her chance at happiness? Or will she let duty overcome desire and be forced to witness the destruction of everyone she holds dear?


Guardian of Eden is the fourth and final book in a magical new paranormal women’s fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell, author of the Eleanor Morgan novels and the Oracle Bay series.

Devil May Care

When you're the queen of hell, no one can tell you what to do. Not your friends, not the Queen of Heaven, and certainly not your mother.

Liliana Faith Morningstar Addams has ruled hell for thirty years, and she is damn good at her job. She's also good at delegating all Eden Valley-related responsibilities to Kevin—the former lake monster turned immortal shadow who bridges the distance between the light and the dark and keeps them in balance.

When the devil on your shoulder is the best friend—and former crush—you haven't spoken to in years, is there any way to repair the bridge she dynamited and you let burn?

Shelby Hill Wood has been on the golden throne just as long, but unlike her former BFF, she hasn't shirked her responsibilities to the town where she was raised and the women who raised her.

Shelby's holier-than-thou demeanor and Lily's devil-may-care attitude were what drove them apart twenty years ago, and it's going to take their mothers, a monster, and a miracle to bring them back together.

Devil May Care is the last installment in the Eden Valley series, a magical new paranormal women's fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell.