Eleanor Morgan Collection 1

This digital boxed set includes the first four books in the Eleanor Morgan series, more than 1,200 pages of fantasy, Fae, adventure, magic, and dragons!

Eleanor Morgan is faced with an impossible choice: destroy the world of her birth or the world she calls home?
Eleanor Morgan lived the first thirty-four of her years as a happily mundane human in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story if it stayed that way.

THE GUIDE: Finnegan Byrne, half-Fae and a servant of the Light Throne, met Eleanor in a bar six years ago and has been biding his time ever since. Although he longs for more, his true mission is to be reveal the truth and be her guide when the magic breaks.

THE WEREWOLF: Damaged, alone, and powerful, Isaac Walker has no place in the local pack, and his Alpha gives him a quest to get him out of town. He’s supposed to accompany Eleanor on her quest to open the gates between the Fae Realm and Earth—and take her out if she proves too big a threat. What wasn’t part of his brief was falling in love with Eleanor and losing sight of his mission.

THE WITCH: Every magic wielder needs a teacher, and Eleanor finds hers in Florence White Elk. Florence joins them to train Eleanor, help mitigate the damage done when the gates open and flood the world with tech-destroying magic, and to hold Eleanor to a promise—to help her find her twin sister who was kidnapped by the Fae when they were children.

THE VAMPIRE: Deliciously sexy Raj Allred leads the PNW vampires, but what he wants almost more than anything is to take control of the world-breaker. Instead of taking her prisoner and stopping the gates from opening, Raj finds himself tied to her by friendship, respect, and desire. But when the chance to retrieve his sword—an ancient weapon handed down from his father and his father before him, set with mysterious and magical blood rubies—presents itself, he has a choice. And Eleanor won’t see his betrayal coming.

Everyone has secrets, and no one is what they seem… Will Eleanor’s trust in her companions be rewarded, or will it be what destroys it all?

Eleanor Morgan Collection 2

This digital box set includes the final three books in the Eleanor Morgan series. Visit the Fae Plane for treachery, war, and post-apocalyptic magical chaos.

Eleanor Morgan has destroyed the world as we know it, but the danger isn’t over yet.

When Eleanor woke up naked, alone, and surrounded by fire weeks after opening the final gate and reconnecting Earth and Fae Plane, the only things on her mind are finding Raj and getting revenge on Finn. But before Eleanor can get a handle on her post-apocalyptic world, Florence cashes in her promise. It’s time for Eleanor to go home.

Eleanor, Raj, Florence, and Petrina—the beautiful, icy vampire who is Raj’s scion and the balance to Florence’s more fiery personality—make their way to the Light Court where Eleanor will take her place at the side of her father, the Fae King.
There are more promises for Eleanor to fulfill, though, than just finding her friend’s long-lost sister. She’s pledged to search for Isaac and free him from the prison where the Dark Queen and her sadistic vampire minion have been holding him, and to do so before his mind completely shatters.

In the end, it all comes down to two people—The Raven Queen and The Dragon Queen—as they hurtle toward blood war over The Dark Throne.

It’s impossible to determine where loyalties lie in a land where everyone must tell the truth. Will double-dealings and mistrust force Eleanor into a confrontation with the Dark Queen before she’s ready?