Daily Archives: August 4, 2010


On Monday, I suffered a brief existential crisis. I was purse shopping (where do your crises happen?) and momentarily switched my allegiance from shoes to purses. Mostly because of this:

I actually offered to sell my soul for it, but no one showed up with a purse & a contract, so I am Prada-less. le sigh.

Yesterday, however, as I was continuing the purse shopping (to replace that which was stolen, and also because I can’t really buy new shoes right now due to Damian), I accidentally looked at shoes. And my allegiance is back.

Look at these! Drool!

That is a beautiful, beautiful boot. I know I can’t have it. When boot season rolls around, I’ll have a special fancy boot already (see below), plus no high heels for six months post surgery, plus my calves are ginormous & wouldn’t fit in those anyways, but still…maybe they’ll shave a bit off my calves while breaking my feet. It might be worth it.

Of course – I don’t want to leave out all my male readers with shoe fetishes, so Carolina John – this fall boot is for you!